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Vitafloor is a fully automated vibrating floor system that is easy to use and above all, safe for the horses to use. The significant role of this vibrating stall is to offer both physical training and massage to the animal thereby stimulating blood circulation and muscle activation.  In fact, Vitafloor® is the first ever whole body vibration platform that was created exclusively for horses. Besides, it is a one-of-its-kind system that provides a unique tilt mechanism to provide increased efficiency.

How Vitafloor benefits horses

A vibrating horse experiences a remarkable improvement in blood circulation throughout the entire body, the top-line and organs, not just the legs. The Vitafloor can be employed for training, rehabilitation, maintenance and injury prevention. The system helps in quicker recovery of the animal from various soft tissue, bone and hoof problems. It also helps prevent colic and is therefore very useful to treat horses that are on box rest. Vitafloor works wonders in case of suspensory injuries and has shown some promising results with laminitis and navicular disease. Research has shown evidence that Vitafloor increases bone density, enhances muscle musculature and improves hoof quality. It is also known to help with joint and muscle soreness; as a result, the horse becomes suppler, looser, stronger and more flexible. Above all, Vitafloor is an all rounder that is safe, non-invasive and easy to integrate into the daily training routine of a horse.

Vibration therapy for horses has become largely accepted and has gained tremendous popularity over the years. We have sold hundreds of units worldwide ranging from stand-alone vibrating plates to built-in vibrating stall units. Our customers include top training barns, equestrians, veterinary and rehab facilities. We work with a team of competent veterinarians, riders and trainers and independent specialists in all fields associated with horse care and training with an ultimate goal of creating the safest and ideal environment for training and rehabilitation of horses.

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