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Vitafloor specializes in industry-leading horse equipment. Find a top-of-the-line horse exerciser, horse vibration plate, saddle pads, and other equine exercise equipment and horse accessories designed to keep your horses competitive, fit, and healthy.



“The Vitafloor is a great addition for our competition horses. It really helps to keep them in top shape , sound, and healthy!”
– Steffen Peters

S. Peters Dressage
San Diego, CA, USA

“We have been using the Vitafloor in both the transportable version and the full stall version for a few years now. We have these units installed at a couple of my clients farms and they see use daily for a number of reasons, from pre-warming a horse prior to work under saddle, to rehabilitation following a soft tissue injury or maintaining bone and tissue density when on lay-up. In addition we have employed the systems for treating various ailments to the foot and have had occasion to place horses with early signs of colic on the machine with good results.… Read More >>
– Mark Silverman, DVM MS

San Marcos, CA, USA
Sporthorse Veterinary Services

“I have consistently had good therapeutic results with 5 different roping horses with different injuries. The injuries included mild to moderate navicular disease, moderate torn medial ligaments, and sore and stiff stifle joints. My experience with the Vitafloor vibrating floor system has been over the last two years had I have had great recovery and post therapy results to have been able to keep my horses competing and sound using this non‐invasive therapy, which they also seemed to enjoy. I highly and unequivocally recommend this therapeutic option to all horsemen with the health of their horses as one of their… Read More >>
– Peter Chiang, DDS

Salinas, CA, USA

“A HUGE thank you again to Nicky Oostveen for her dedication in our horse, Fresca’s rehab. Fresca was loved and exceptionally well cared during her rehabilitation at Dutch Dreamhorses, Inc. Fresca arrived to their facility a month and a half into a tendon tear injury. We had been caring for her (complete stall rest, bute, ice, standing wraps) but she wasn’t healing and her pain and swelling were NOT improving. We felt we needed to do something for her to help her progress from injury into the healing phase. After just a few short weeks at Dutch Dreamhorses, Inc. Fresca’s… Read More >>
– Rico and Tammy Pigao

Royal Oaks Arena, Ranch and Stables
Aromas, CA, USA

“I had the privilege of using a Vitafloor while stabled in Belgium in preparation for the 2014 World Equestrian Games. I was hesitant about my horse being nervous but he very quickly accepted the sessions and was soon leading himself onto the floor! Vitafloor helps keep my horses comfortable in ways that I can’t. The vibration penetrates much deeper than any icing technology or massage and treats the whole body in every session. In addition to the physical benefits, the horses love it!”
– Laura Graves

Cross Ties LLC
International FEI Competitor and USDF Gold Medalist

“The Vitafloor has become a very functional part of keeping our horses healthy and happy. It loosens up the older horses that are body sore and arthritic and maintains muscle tone on injured ones that cannot exercise. On the way in they walk sore and on the way out their swing and elasticity is back. Vitafloor gives the horses with laminitis pain relieve and it helps build stronger hoof wall. We diverted serious colic cases including two foals with meconium impactions. Vitality is up on the elderly and it has helped young riding horses with sore backs. It’s very helpful… Read More >>
– Edgar Schutte

President American Hanoverian Society
Owner Rainbow Equus Meadows
Lincoln, CA, USA

“The Vitafloor® is a fantastic tool for helping to bring horses back to fitness quickly and safely after injury – in fact the speed of recovery has surprised us. We now put all our horses on the Vitafloor to help maintain fitness and to reduce the incidence of injury in the first place – it is now an integral part of our daily regime at Robins Farm Racing. Apart from the fact that it virtually runs itself, freeing our staff to do other work, we’ve found that having the Vitafloor has helped us keep recovering horses on box rest onsite…… Read More >>
– Olly Stevens

Robins Farm Racing
Chiddingfold, England

“We have used Vitafloor for two years now and we have seen the great effect that the products have on our horses. The horses feel great. They are relaxed, happy, fit and moving better than ever. We are very grateful to Vitafloor for their help and the use of their fantastic therapies. They are simple to use and the horses love it.”  
– Double H Farm

Wellington, FL, USA

“Since I have begun warming my horses up with the Vitafloor vibrating floor system, I feel a little like I am cheating. My horses start out warmed up and energetic. They begin in a soft elastic frame and with continued gymnastic exercises, I finish with a very supple, elastic horse that seems to find collection much easier. The quality of the work, which is achieved in a shorter period of time, is much greater. The quality of the collection, the piaffe, passage and the pirouettes are much better and the horses are more comfortable when collected. I am even finding… Read More >>
Liz Hopps McConnell

Grand Prix Dressage Trainer
San Marcos, CA, USA

“We use Vitafloor every day and it helps our horses to recover after tough training”
Daniel Zetterman

Swedish National Team Jumper
Linderod, Sweden

“Peas and Carrots became race horse of the year twice in Sweden with help from our Vitafloor!”
Lennart Reuterskiöld Jr.

Svedala, Sweden

“We use the Vitafloor on all our trotters and it makes them stronger and smoother.”
Helena Burman

Trainer of Jackal Face

“Our family owned racehorse Mikado has shown great improvement with Vitafloor.”
Per-Anders Gråberg

Scandinavian Champion Jockey

“With the Vitafloor I continue to see the benefits, with faster and healthier hoof growth. I recommend it to all my clients.”
Ernest Woodward Farrier Services

Cardiff, CA, USA

“My 15 year old Dutch gelding is competing successfully at GP, and I attribute his health and soundness in large measure to the daily use of the Vitafloor. Even though he is ‘older’ and competing at the top levels of dressage, he continues not to need any orthopedic shoeing or any kind of maintenance, injections or medicine.”
Jan Dickieson

Encinitas, CA, USA

“Since using the Vitafloor my horses feel warmed up & loose in their muscles as soon as I get on now. At shows not only are they looser but also calmer overall. Based on my own personal experience I believe Vitafloor to be the best product available.”
Laurie Falvo

Grand Prix Dressage Trainer
Encinitas, CA, USA

“The Vitafloor® is very user‐friendly and practical in design. Since using it, my horses are fitter and more relaxed with improved musculature. It also helps prevent tying up.”
Bob Leonard Racing

Las Cruzes, NM, USA

Featured Products


Q-Line MaXuSS 230 – Horse Solarium for Sale

SKU: 7106613447423


The MaXuSS 230 has a nice finished body manufactured of a two-tone heat resistant impact-proof plastic made in three pieces. The equine solarium follows the horse’s back lines and provides the perfect warmth on the horse’s muscles. Its stylish shape also reduces the chance of a horse coming in contact with the warm lamps. The solarium is also protected by a heat-resistant plastic, so higher light outputs can be achieved.

The front and rear parts can be installed at the right angle for your horse’s needs. You can, therefore, target individual muscles and muscle groups, tissues, and tendons and stimulate blood circulation after an injury to speed healing. There are also other reasons to buy a horse solarium. It can help warm up your horse before exercise, reduce drying time, and boost vitamin D3 production. The product is even suited for installation in a wash stall or grooming area.

The MaXuSS 230 equine solarium for sale can be ordered as stand-alone with control box only, or in combination with an electric lift. Optionally you can also add 2 UV lights with a separate timer (2 IR lights will be replaced by the UV lights). The recommended ceiling height is 9 feet without the use of a lift and 11-13 feet in combination with an electric lift.



157 lbs


94 × 51 × 17 in



Power Requirements

230 Volt Outlet, 16 Amp, 3500 Watts, Ingress Protection Rating 54

Number and Type of Bulbs

10 x 100W Infrared, 12 x 150W Infrared, 2 x 250W Infrared

Number of Airblowers


EAN Number

Q-Line MaXuSS 230: 7106613447423
Electric lift for MaXuSS 230: 7106613447584

Additional Information

Give 2 weeks for delivery of this item


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Vitafloor VM1


The Vitafloor built-in stall and horse trailer units are an invaluable investment for training, veterinary and rehabilitation facilities who wish to optimize the well-being and performance of horses in their care. All of the built-in models allow the horse to move about freely and naturally in a stall and the control cabinet with an automated timer and frequency settings provide the ultimate practicality as no supervision is necessary during treatments. Furthermore, these models are custom made to fit your stall or trailer with the option of adding an airlift tilt mechanism which is proven to increase the effects and benefits of vibrational therapy by 30%.


The Vitafloor VM1 is the smallest stall version available at 6ft x 12ft and is therefore very suitable in a grooming station, small stall or built into a horse trailer for the ultimate mobile unit. The VM1 also has an option for an integrated tilt mechanism that gently tilts the sides of the vibrating floor at regular intervals thereby activating the muscles of the animal to provide an increased effect of 30%.




Floor Size

10ft by 12ft, 12ft by 12ft, 6ft by 12ft

Power Requirements

110 volts


6 Foot


4 Inches


12 Foot

Number of Vibration Motors


Additonal Components

Air Pump (Only Available With Optional Air Lift System)


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Roll-Up Type S for Horse Bandages

, Tags: , SKU: 7101127509209

A hand device that rolls up bandages quickly and keeps out dirt. Rolled up within a few seconds. Can be used anywhere and at anytime!

Includes wall bracket and plugs


The Q-Line (formerly known as Mounty) Roll-Up can be used in the tack room or stable yard, in your trailer or in a horse trailer! First, attach the Roll-Up® to its wall mounting. Then insert one end of the bandage into the slit on the spindle. Pull the bandage up against the ‘arm’ switch with both hands to activate. The bandage will now be rolled up as tightly as you require. Dirt (e.g. sand) can be conveniently brushed off the bandage as it is wound onto the spindle. When the bandage is completely rolled up, simply let go. The arm switch drops down, and the powerful motor automatically cuts out. Now remove the neatly rolled-up bandage from the spindle and roll up your next bandage.

Includes wall bracket and plugs



11 lbs


14 × 10 × 6 in

Power Requirements

110 volts

EAN number



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