Severe Navicular Disease

This young Dutch Warmblood was suffering from severe navicular disease as a 6 year old, was extremely lame and was given up. As a last resort the horse was put on the Vitafloor twice daily initially and on improvement, reduced to treatment once a day.

Photo on the right was taken 14 months after photo on the left. According to the veterinarian, the number of ‘lollipops’ has reduced (visible on originals on HD screen).

Following successful treatment on the Vitafloor for navicular disease, this horse is not on any medication and goes barefoot. He is painfree and sound and is successfully jumping again.

Eventing Horse Tendon Injury

We received another positive report from Dr. Ralf Pellmann in Germany. It concerned an eventing horse with a tendon injury of several centimeters. The prognosis was a rehabilitation time of several months at least…

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Torn Medial Collateral Ligament

An 11 year old Quarter Horse with a moderate tear of the medial collateral ligament of the right front coffin joint was treated twice daily on the Vitafloor and in only 3 months the vet stated the lateral collateral ligament was normal…

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