Kunders Utlåtande

För att försäkra Er om det gedigna värdet i dessa utlåtanden så vill vi påvisa att inga utav dessa är sponsrade eller betalda för av Vitafloor. Utlåtandena är 100% genuina och kommer ifrån riktiga kunder som är veterinärer, hästägare och toppatleter från många discipliner som alla valt Vitafloor eftersom de inte vill ha något annat än det bästa för sina hästar.

“Vi använder Vitafloor varje dag och det hjälper våra hästar att återhämta sig efter hårda pass.”

Daniel Zetterman

Springruiter Zweeds nationaal team
Linderod, Zweden

“Peas and Carrots blev utnämnd årets galopphäst två gånger med Vitafloors hjälp.”

Lennart Reuterskiöld Jr.

Svedala, Zweden

“Vi använder Vitafloor på alla våra travare, det gör dom starkare och mer lösgjorda”

Helena Burman

Trainer van Jackal Face

“Vår löphäst Mikado visar stora framsteg med Vitafloor.”

Per-Anders Gråberg

Scandinavisch Kampioen Jockey

Steffen Peters at the London Olympics

“The Vitafloor is a great addition for our competition horses. It really helps to keep them in top shape , sound, and healthy!”

– Steffen Peters

S. Peters Dressage
San Diego, CA, USA

“We have been using the Vitafloor in both the transportable version and the full stall version for a few years now. We have these units installed at a couple of my clients farms and they see use daily for a number of reasons, from pre-warming a horse prior to work under saddle, to rehabilitation following a soft tissue injury or maintaining bone and tissue density when on lay-up. In addition we have employed the systems for treating various ailments to the foot and have had occasion to place horses with early signs of colic on the machine with good results. It seems that placing a horse with a mild colic on the system has similar benefits to that old fashioned trailer ride. Overall I have been very pleased with the Vitafloor products and find many uses for the technology when it is available. The horses seem to like it as well.”

– Mark Silverman, DVM MS

San Marcos, CA, USA
Sporthorse Veterinary Services

“I have consistently had good therapeutic results with 5 different roping horses with different injuries. The injuries included mild to moderate navicular disease, moderate torn medial ligaments, and sore and stiff stifle joints. My experience with the Vitafloor vibrating floor system has been over the last two years had I have had great recovery and post therapy results to have been able to keep my horses competing and sound using this non‐invasive therapy, which they also seemed to enjoy. I highly and unequivocally recommend this therapeutic option to all horsemen with the health of their horses as one of their highest priorities.”

– Peter Chiang, DDS

Salinas, CA, USA

Laura Graves and her horse Verdades

“I had the privilege of using a Vitafloor while stabled in Belgium in preparation for the 2014 World Equestrian Games. I was hesitant about my horse being nervous but he very quickly accepted the sessions and was soon leading himself onto the floor! Vitafloor helps keep my horses comfortable in ways that I can’t. The vibration penetrates much deeper than any icing technology or massage and treats the whole body in every session. In addition to the physical benefits, the horses love it!”

– Laura Graves

Cross Ties LLC
International FEI Competitor and USDF Gold Medalist

“The Vitafloor has become a very functional part of keeping our horses healthy and happy. It loosens up the older horses that are body sore and arthritic and maintains muscle tone on injured ones that cannot exercise. On the way in they walk sore and on the way out their swing and elasticity is back. Vitafloor gives the horses with laminitis pain relieve and it helps build stronger hoof wall. We diverted serious colic cases including two foals with meconium impactions. Vitality is up on the elderly and it has helped young riding horses with sore backs. It’s very helpful with breeding; I put the older stallions on prior to collecting because it speeds things up. It also helps maintain the semen volume and density during the more frequent collection times on the older stallions, some in their mid-twenties. Those that were slightly down in semen quantity and quality last year are back up and a year older. The Vitafloor is a safe, cost effective, non-invasive way to help prevent problems and improve the horses well-being.”

– Edgar Schutte

President American Hanoverian Society
Owner Rainbow Equus Meadows
Lincoln, CA, USA

“Among other things, we find Vitafloor is very effective in removing galls and reducing swelling. The main effect of Vitafloor is that we need to treat remarkably less of our race horses with joint injections. We are convinced that we have reduced the amount of injections by 40-50%”

Dr. Camilla Gregersen


“We have been using the Vitafloor for two years now and have seen the amazing effect the system has on our horses. The horses feel fantastic. We are very grateful to Vitafloor for their help and their great therapies. They are easy to operate and the horses are crazy about it.”

Double H Farm

Wellington, FL, USA

“Since I started to warm up my horses with the Vitafloor, I feel a bit like I’m cheating. My horses are fantastically warm and motivated. They begin in a forward-down attitude and continue with gymnastics exercises. I finish the workout with a very relaxed horse, which seems to be much easier to find the assembled work. The quality of the work can be achieved much better in a much faster time. The quality of the meeting, the piaffe, the passage and the pirouettes is much better and the horses feel much more comfortable when they are gathered. I even go so far as to say that straightening is easier and horses are hard in the mouth are more relaxed in the connection. In short, all aspects of horse riding and training have improved in the shortest possible time.”

Liz Hopps McConnell

Grand Prix Dressage Trainer
San Marcos, CA, USA

“With Vitafloor I continuously see the benefits, with stronger and healthier hoof growth. I recommend it to all my customers.”

Ernest Woodward Farrier Services

Cardiff, CA, VS

“My horse Royal Flash had a serious injury to the deep bend and despite the rest, good care and guidance and treatment of my veterinarian, it appeared that the injury would be chronic and I had to leave the horse. Through my vet Dr. Pellman, I came into contact with Vitafloor. In the first half of the year, Royal Flash went to Vitafloor twice a day. After six months the peesscan was much improved and there was only a small amount of scar tissue visible. From that time on, we have resumed the training and went to the Vitafloor 1x a day for training. In the meanwhile we are part of the concourse again and we have the old form back. Recently we have won a match at Intermediate level.”

Rick Klaassen


“Ever since I used the Vitafloor, my horses have already warmed up and loose in their muscles, as soon as I get there. At competitions they are not only looser but also more relaxed. Based on my personal experience, I think Vitafloor is the best product available on the market.”

Laurie Falvo

Grand Prix Dressage Trainer
Encinitas, CA, VS

“Thermography showed a significant decrease in the temperature of the hoof wall and the balls of the front legs after vibrations.”

Prof. Dr. Hans Brostrom

Zweedse Agrarische Universiteit
Uppsala, Zweden

“The healing process of the superficial flexion tendon is very good. Especially taking into account the short healing time.”

Dr. med. vet. Ralf Pellmann


“It has been shown that testosterone and growth hormones increase while cortisol decreases.”

Prof. Dr. Hans Brostrom

Zweedse Agrarische Universiteit
Uppsala, Zweden

“The Vitafloor is user-friendly and practical. Since I used it, my horses are fitter, more relaxed and their muscle tone has improved. It also helps prevent cross-fences.”

Bob Leonard Racing

Las Cruzes, NM, USA

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