FAQ – Horse Solariums

Vitafloor is committed to giving the best possible quality of life to horses everywhere. Our Q-Line horse solariums provide long-term benefits to horses, equine professionals, veterinarians, and owners. You can get more information about our solariums by getting in touch at 352-737-6743.

Q: What do solariums do for horses?
A: Studies show that equine solariums offer multiple health benefits to horses. Spending time in a solarium warms up the muscles, which prevents injury and reduces risk of injury. Solariums stimulate white blood cell and vitamin D3 production, which boosts the immune system. They also stimulate blood flow and circulation and are used to increase efficiency of wound healing.

Q: Are solariums good for horses?
A: Equine solariums from Vitafloor significantly improve horse health. They can be used for warming up and cooling down muscle groups after physical activity, with or without static stretching and dynamic stretches. Solariums benefit both horse and rider, helping competition horses feel comfortable, relaxed, focused, and ready to perform.

Q: What is a horse solarium?
A: Horse solarium systems use infrared heat lamps to deliver short-wave infrared light and heat.  Optionally, our solariums can be supplied with UV lights (without damaging UV-C rays) and LED RGB color changing light therapy. The horse stands underneath the solarium to receive light on their back muscles for the effective treatment of wounds and other musculoskeletal injuries.

Q: How high should a horse solarium be?
A: If you are using an electric lift, the top of the electric lift should be 10-12 ft for smaller units and 13-15 ft for larger units. If not using an electric lift, the top of your solarium should be 8.5 ft for smaller units and 9 ft for larger units.

Q: Are the solariums easy to hang?
A:  All Vitafloor solarium designs feature lightweight construction for easy hanging. We also offer electric lifts, which can help to easily raise the solarium into the correct height for your horse.

Q: How high should a horse solarium be above the horse when in use?
A: We recommend having the solarium about 18 inches above the back of the horse while in use.

Q: Does my solarium come with a hanging kit?
A: Yes. Customers who don’t order an electric lift are supplied with a special hanging kit. Customers who do order an electric lift can use the lift as their hanging kit.

Q: How do I dry different sizes of horses?
A: An electric lift will allow you to fine-tune the height of your solarium so that you can dry horses of any size.

Q: How long do solarium heat bulbs last?
A: The amount of time that infrared bulbs last is 5000 burning hours.

Q: How long is the power cable?
A: The power cable from the control panel to the outlet is 9 feet long. The two power cables from the control panel to the solarium and electric lift are both 33 feet long.

Q: What do you do to clean a solarium?
A: To clean your solarium, ensure it is unplugged, and then wipe with a damp cloth.

Q: What is light therapy?
A: Equine assisted therapy using light delivers light to the skin to improve the circulation of oxygen-rich blood, making warm-up exercise and post-exercise cool-downs easier on the muscles and healing injuries. In equine therapy, infrared bulbs, UV light bulbs and LED RGB light bulbs are used.

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