FAQ – Horse Treadmills

Easy-to-operate Horse treadmills from Vitafloor provide physical activity, reduce the risk of injury, improve horse fitness, and more.

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Q: What are the benefits of using a horse treadmill for equine training?

A: Aqua treadmills and dry treadmills keep blood flowing to improve fitness. The ability to control the treadmill’s speed allows for improved horse stamina. Treadmill training gradually increases a horse’s level of fitness. The wet treadmill used in equine hydrotherapy provides light resistance that provides horses with a workout and endurance training without sustaining injury.

Q: What are the disadvantages of a horse treadmill?

A: Horses may experience boredom if on treadmills for an extended amount of time. Using treadmills as the main part of training programs won’t use all muscles or provide necessary conditioning for strong bones.

Q: Are treadmills good for horses?

A: Yes; they are horse exercise equipment that improves cardiovascular fitness and horse conditioning. They can be used in place of horse walkers and in horse training sessions to warm up, cool down and provide physical training, and assist recovering horses.

Q: How are treadmills used in horse rehabilitation?

A: Treadmills are used by equine physiotherapists, acupuncture specialists, veterinarians, and other equine professionals to provide horses with degenerative joint disease and other conditions with safe, controlled exercise that reduce risk of injury.

Q: My horse is recovering from an injury; is it safe to use the machines?

A: Yes; treadmills from Vitafloor are used by horse owners, veterinarians and professional equine rehabilitators worldwide as a means of safe physical therapy and exercise for horses recovering from injuries.

Q: My horse isn’t injured, will we still benefit from the machines?

A: Absolutely! Equine treadmills can benefit healthy horses too!

Q: Are Vitafloor products FEI and/or USEF legal?

A: Yes. Vitafloor treadmills can be used before and after events and on the day of the event to keep your horse in optimal condition for competing.

Q: How do you introduce a horse to using a treadmill?

A: To introduce a horse to a treadmill, slowly lead them onto the unit and start it at the slowest speed as you hold the reins. Once they get used to it, increase the amount of speed gradually.

Q: How much space is needed to install a horse treadmill?

A: Not much space is required at all. Q-Line treadmills from Vitafloor typically require a floor space of about 21’ by 5’ and are designed to offer maximum benefits to horses with a compact footprint.

Q: What maintenance is required for a horse treadmill?

A: This depends on the treadmill product. For example, the Q-Line treadmill requires very little maintenance due to its cutting-edge design. Q-Line’s treadmills also are pre-lubricated to last a life-time, meaning you never will need to grease your treadmill. The materials used in its construction will allow for very little corrosion or wear.

Q: Can horses of all sizes use a horse treadmill?

A: Yes; horse treadmills can be used by horses of all sizes, including old and young horses, Clydesdales, Percherons, and Shires for strength training, improved blood pressure, stronger cardiovascular systems, and much more.

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