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Equine solutions from Q-Line improve horse health through regular muscle contraction, red light therapy, strength training, and more. Learn about many of our exercise products below. Discover the benefits of horse walkers, treadmills, safety walls, Q-Line irrigation systems, and other high-quality products to equine health and horse and rider; visit us or call  352-737-6743.

Q: Are Q-Line products covered under warranty?
A: Yes ; the Warranty section of our Terms and Conditions of Sale contains further details.

Q: Can Q-Line products be returned?
A: Products must be authorized before they are returned. Please see the Product Returns section of our Terms and Conditions of Sale for further details.

Q: How do I choose the right exercise equipment for my horse?
A: Choosing equine exercise equipment, kick wall, safety walls, or indoor riding equestrian equipment begins with identifying what you want to accomplish and considering factors like budget. Our customer service agents are here to help you.

Q: What are the benefits of a horse solarium?
A: Q-Line solariums offer infrared light therapy that’s beneficial for wound healing and skin and coat health. Solariums relax blood vessels, elevate horses’ moods, and also improve muscle circulation and blood flow in short periods of time.

Q: Do solariums require any special installation or maintenance?
A: All of our durable solariums require little maintenance and come with their own hanging kit or a lift that can be used as a hanging set.

Q: How can horse exercisers benefit equine professionals?
A: Exercisers have safety features that allow horses to receive gradual controlled exercise in as little as 30 minutes, in or out of horse arenas without human guidance. Horses in rehabilitation can progress through the recovery process in a way that supports the horse’s muscle and tissue recovery.

Q: Are bandages or boots better for horses?
A: Boots are typically used to prevent injury to the horse’s legs from trauma by protecting the leg from a strike from another leg or hoof. Bandages with cool and press pads can be used after work to help reduce injuries like twists, sprains, or tearing of muscles and joints during training and jumping.

Q: What is a horse walker, and how does it benefit horses?
A: Horse walkers have a motorized arm that guides horses around a penned track. They ensure horses get movement and exercise of specific muscle groups when not being ridden.

Q: What are the benefits of using a horse walker?
A:  Q-Line walkers are professional horse exercisers that can be used before and after exercise for warm-up and cool-down. Most walkers can be programmed for controlled training in terms of speed and length of session. They can be used to rehabilitate horses who have been on stall rest, and they help horses of smaller size to benefit from conditioning.

Q: What does the warm-up massage blanket do?
A: The warm-up massage blanket stimulates blood circulation in the muscles with massage, vibration, and relaxation.

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