FAQ – Safety Wall

Vitafloor safety walls are made with the highest quality materials for long-term durability that also helps horse owners save money. Learn more about the benefits of safety walls for safe horse stalls, indoor riding areas, and horse barns. Call us at 352-737-6743.

Q: What is a safety wall?
A: Safety walls are installed in indoor and outdoor arenas, against the arena wall. They prevent  serious injury to horse and rider by keeping them away from the wall. They also prevent horses from getting their hooves stuck underneath, and can also protect horses.

Q: Which is better, flat or curved kick walls?
A: The curved safety wall is best because it keeps both horse and rider away from the wall and makes it nearly impossible for the horse to make contact. Our safety walls are thicker at the bottom than the top to match the side shape of the horse and the rider’s leg.

Q: What is an appropriate base for a riding arena?
A: Equestrian sand, clay, and stone dust are common  base materials for indoor riding arena surfaces. However, the benefits and drawbacks of each riding surface depend on many factors. For that reason, we recommend consulting a horse arena footing expert for safe arena footing suggestions.

Q: How high should an arena kick wall be?
A: A typical kick wall is between four and six feet tall on a footing that’s three to five inches deep.

Q: What are the benefits for horses and riders?
A: It only takes one stumble for a horse to sustain serious injury. Because our safety wall has none of the disadvantages of brick, stone or wood, it offers many benefits to horses and riders. Brick and stone are very dangerous for riders who are thrown from their horse and for horses who kick the walls. Wood comes apart in dangerous splinters and doesn’t provide very good shock absorption. Our safety walls keep riders and horses safe.

Q: Can kick walls break?
A: Vitafloor kick walls are made with waterproof polyethylene material and can withstand a range of conditions. They are extremely shock absorbent and won’t break into hard pieces; instead, it will tear, which is much safer for horses and riders.

Check out the following crash test video:

Q: Do horse safety walls enhance arena safety?
A: Absolutely! Vitafloor safety walls are made from polyethylene material, which have no sharp edges and are much more impact-resistant than other materials. Our safety walls are designed to keep horses and riders off the wall and prevent the horse from catching its hooves underneath.

Q: Are wooden equestrian kick walls better than polyethylene walls?
A: Wooden kick walls aren’t nearly as shock absorbent as highly durable polyethylene walls. Wood walls also splinter, where polyethylene walls do not. Because the color of our polyethylene walls is dyed into the material itself, there will be no discoloration if the wall gets scratched, allowing our product to maintain its appearance for as long as you use it.

Q: How do safety walls affect confidence and response?
A: Kick walls protect riders and horses. Protected riders have more confidence. Their horse will sense that confidence, and both will be able to give a better performance.

Q: Is the Vitafloor safety wall easy to install and maintain?
A: Yes; there’s no special knowledge required to install our walls in your indoor riding arena. The dirt-repelling surface only needs to be wiped or washed down.

Q: Do you offer more than one version of your safety wall?
A: Yes; you can choose from our pro version and budget version. Both walls feature the same curved design and the same high-quality and safety features. The pro version is available in every RAL color whereas the budget version is a cost-effective version that is only available in black.

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