FAQ – Sedelogic Products

Sedelogic saddle pads offer a wide range of benefits, including superior shock absorption and weight distribution. Learn more by calling the Vitafloor team: 352-737-6743.

Q: How do I measure for a pad?
A: For the Western saddle pad, measure along the top under swells and cantle from the longest points, adding four inches in order to determine back length. For English saddle pads, measure from the nailhead at the saddle’s front, keeping a taut line to the cantle center. Sedelogic high performance dressage saddle pads, racing pads and jumping saddle pads fit a range of saddle sizes.

Q: How do I know what horse saddle pad to use?
A: Your horse’s shape and size, saddle size, and your discipline all determine which saddle pad to use. If you need help choosing the right product, we encourage you to contact us.

Q: What are the benefits of using Sedelogic saddle pads?
A: Sedelogic pads are made with shock-absorbing material and use a three-dimensional micro weaving technique to prevent back pain, injuries, and other problems. In addition, Sedelogic also has 2 high tech pads that use patented moldable thermoplastic material which allow for a shape-fitting fit and perfect weight distribution. Sedelogic pads offer long-term benefits, including improved range of motion, more enjoyable riding, better horse conditioning, and greater focus.

Q: Should you put a blanket or cotton pad under a Sedelogic saddle pad?
A: Liners or simple cotton pads can be used to keep your saddle and Sedelogic pad clean. The breathable polyester fibre of the Sedelogic pad provides air flow, as well as a pressure-reducing structure that provides pressure reduction for sensitive backs.

Q: What’s the best saddle pad for sore backs?
A: The best saddle pad for sore backs, high withered horses, and horses with other back problems is a therapeutic saddle pad that’s lightweight and redistributes weight away from the pressure points on the back. Sedelogic orthopedic pads are clinically proven to accomplish this.

Q: How do I clean my pad?
A: Sedelogic pads are washable. Just remove the cover and wash in a washing machine with a small amount of soap; the quick-dry material allows for use shortly afterward. Do not put your Sedelogic pads in the dryer as this could cause them to shrink.

Q: What if my pad doesn’t work with my saddle?
A: You have 30 days from the date of receipt to return your pad, as long as it hasn’t been used. See our Return & Refund policy for details. You can also try the Sedelogic 2-Ply All Purpose Half Pad, which provides a comfortable fit even if your saddle doesn’t fit perfectly or hasn’t worked with other pads.

Q: Will Sedelogic Saddle Pads work on short-backed horses?
A: Yes; Sedeleogic saddle pads have been designed to provide orthopedic protection for any horse, including short-backed horses, horses with sensitive backs, and horses with kissing spine. These high-quality pads are also ideal for muscle development for horses in physical therapy.

Q: Are Sedelogic saddle pads suitable for use with all types of saddles?
A: Sedelogic saddle pads are designed to be used with a broad range of saddle types for any discipline.

Q: Will these pads work on a high-withered horse?
A: Yes. Sedelogic saddle pads have an open-withered design and pressure distributing structure that protects your horse’s withers.

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