Vitafloor Equine Whole Body Vibration Plate FAQ

Vitafloor whole body vibration machines benefit horses of all ages and fitness levels. These are the questions we get asked most often. If you don’t see your question here, feel free to get in touch with us at 352-737-6743.

Q: What is Vitafloor used for?
A: Vitafloor is used for whole body vibration therapy, or WBV. Regular vibration sessions with our easy-to-use horse vibration plate helps increase heart rate and  blood and oxygen flow. This, in turn, reduces injury, improves balance and bone density, and improves performance, as well as:

  • Joint issues including joint pain
  • Hoof growth
  • Ligament injury
  • Lameness

Q: Who uses Vitafloor?
A: Vitafloor is an equine treatment that’s used for wellness and physical therapy. Our vertical vibration platforms are found in equine hospitals and clinics. Horse owners use vertical vibration to increase range of motion and prevent injury. Body vibration training prepares athletes for competition and allows them to recover faster from exercise, and it allows stalled horses to shed excess body weight through physical activity.

Q: Where is the Vitafloor built?
A: Each Vitafloor is built custom for your enclosure. Each whole body vibration plate is built in our facility located in the Netherlands and shipped to you for assembly onsite.

Q: How does Vitafloor work?
A: The Vitafloor equine vibration plate causes vibrations through a horse’s body when they stand on it, which results in instability. This causes muscle contraction in response, allowing horses to receive the equivalent of a full-body workout without the physical impact of intense exercise.

Q: How often should a horse use the Vitafloor?
A: The amount of time horses use Vitafloor will depend on the reason for vibration therapy. For hoof growth, an increase in hoof wall growth occurred with five days weekly at two 30-minute sessions per day. Ligament injury may need varying treatment frequencies, depending on severity.

Q: Does the Vitafloor support variable speeds?
A: The Vitafloor supports variable frequencies for training, maintenance, and rehabilitation.

Q: Does the Vitafloor require maintenance?
A: Yes; however, the amount of maintenance required is very little and usually can be limited to keeping the plates clean.

Q: Can the Vitafloor help prevent injury?
A: Absolutely! Our vibration platform does help to prevent injury, and it also helps reduce injury that can occur during strength training sessions. The Vitafloor can also be used post workout to reduce inflammation and delayed onset muscle soreness.

Q: Are there any cons to vibration therapy?
A: Vibration therapy can be used long term as part of the regimen of the vast majority of horses. However, as with any medication, training, or therapy you’re considering, it’s important to always consult with a veterinarian before beginning WBV. Certain conditions cannot be improved with this type of therapy.

Q: How long does vibration therapy take to work?
A: The length of time it will take for WBV to work will depend on the age, fitness level, and type of injury or medical issue being treated.

Q: How long should a horse stand on a vibration plate?
A: A typical session on the Vitafloor horse vibration plate lasts between 10 and 30 minutes.

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