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A horse solarium offers a multitude of health benefits to your horse and is an efficient dryer, but you may wonder how equestrian solariums work, and what else they can be used for. Read on to discover more about this must-have addition to every stable.

How Do Equine Solariums Work?

The equestrian solarium is a series of infrared bulbs that emit heat and light. Typically, a solarium is installed above a water stall or grooming area, and the horse stands underneath it for a certain period of time, depending on the reason for use.

How Long Does It Take to Dry a Horse in a Solarium?

The length of time a horse will need to be in a solarium will depend on the type and length of your horse’s hair. Generally speaking, drying your horse can take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. Additionally, your horse can enjoy a meal or be de-tacked while they’re drying off and receiving the key benefits below.

Other Key Benefits of a Solarium

The equine solarium is ideal for keeping your horse warm and comfortable during the winter months. Infrared light and heat is also perfect as a warm-up time ritual to relax your horse’s muscles before exercise, and can be used after exercise to eliminate muscle stiffness due to lactic acid buildup.

Light therapy stimulates blood circulation to your horse’s skin. This increased blood flow enhances cellular metabolism for faster wound healing and reduces the risk of skin infection.

Infrared therapy with heat lamps also helps to release more of the skin’s natural oils for a glossier coat.

Horse solarium Sublime

Vitafloor – Superior Solariums for Equine Health

The health benefits of infrared light for your horse simply cannot be overstated. In addition to being ideal for drying your horse, a solarium is wonderful for relaxing their muscles and improving their overall quality of life, which improves the quality of the time they spend with you.

We are Vitafloor—an industry-leading manufacturer of equine training and rehabilitation equipment. Thanks to our use of the most innovative advancements, our Q-Line solariums offer 40% more output than other horse heat lamps, giving your horse health benefits as well as the utmost comfort and safety.

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