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As the inventors of equine vibration therapy, Vitafloor’s goal is continuous product development that benefits every aspect of equine health. Our Vitafloor VME horse vibration plate delivers powerful whole body vibration (WBV) therapy with the most compact equine vibration plate on the market.

The two main benefits of WBV therapy are the increases in circulation and metabolism. In turn, the strength and health of various areas improve. For example, WBV therapy has been shown to have a significant positive impact on the growth of hooves, and has also improved the strength and health of muscle groups.

Breeders have reported increases in sperm quantity and quality. Horse owners, trainers, and veterinarians have seen reductions of inflammation and joint pain, and faster recovery after exercise.

The Vitafloor VME horse vibration plate is fully computerized. The unit has a timer that features automatic shutoff when a selected program has finished. The Vitafloor VME is also compact and easy to maneuver.

Vitafloor is dedicated to the continuous improvement of its vibration plate technology. If you wish to learn more, our infographic contains information about the benefits of our vibration plates, and how we stack up to the competition.

Equine Vibration Plates Infographic

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