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A horse solarium is a wonderful addition to any stable or equine facility. Solariums are designed to improve your horse’s health by increasing circulation and speeding up the healing process. By using Infrared, Ultraviolet, and LED RGB light therapy, you can boost your horse’s performance and overall wellness.

Other purposes of horse solariums include warming up your horse before riding, relaxing their muscles after training, and drying them quickly when wet to keep them healthy and comfortable. It’s incredibly easy to use a horse solarium and take advantage of these benefits.

How to Operate a Horse Solarium

Q-Line horse solariums are mounted from the ceiling and can be raised and lowered easily. Simply escort your equine friend into the stall area and position him under the solarium and then use the control panel to lower the solarium and set the temperature and time.

Q-Line solariums are manufactured with safety in mind. All solariums are made of impact-proof plastic with safe curved edges. The shape of the solarium is designed to minimize the chance of the horse coming in contact with the lamps.

How Long Should a Horse Be in a Solarium?

The therapeutic benefits of a horse solarium don’t take much time at all. If using the UV light setting, the horse can be in the solarium for up to 8 minutes. For infrared therapy the horse can enjoy the solarium for up to an hour.

Drying your horse using the solarium will be easily achieved with the added drying power of the fans in addition to the infrared lights. Depending on your horse’s coat and whether he’s been clipped, it should take about 15-30 minutes.

When to Use a Horse Solarium

Horse solariums are perfect for warming your horse for riding and for cooling down afterward. You and your horse will both enjoy grooming time under the solarium in cooler weather. It can even be used for tacking and untacking your horse.

Drying your horse after bathing, exertion, or training in damp or wet conditions is easy and thorough with a quality horse solarium.

Q-line horse solarium Maxuss

Benefits of a Horse Solarium

The therapeutic lights of a horse solarium have a variety of benefits. In addition to promoting recovery and healing, they also help to reduce stiffness after vigorous training and promote vitamin D production.

Infrared heat has been shown to aid in overall wellness and increase blood circulation, as well as cellular metabolism. Use of a horse solarium improves performance in the ring and on the track.

Vitafloor’s Selection of Horse Solariums

Learn more about Vitafloor’s selection of Q-Line equine solariums today. Feel free to contact one of our representatives with any questions you may have. Contact us at our global headquarters or reach out to one of our representatives in your home country.

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