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Vibration plates have shown to have many benefits for equine health overall, but how does the use of vibration plates affect the growth of horse hooves? Join us as we reveal how this powerful therapy can correct hoof problems.

The Benefits of Whole-Body Vibration (WBV)

Whole-body vibration (WBV) has been well-studied and is now an integral part of equine rehabilitation and competition training. WBV has been shown to help muscles heal through improved circulation, maintain bone density, and integrity in horses with a low or no activity level, increase energy levels, alleviate pain, and much more.

How WBV Impacts Equine Hoof Growth

There are many viewpoints with regard to the impact of whole-body vibration on hoof growth. One study using a Vitafloor vibration platform showed that horses receiving WBV treatment twice daily, five days a week, for 60 days experienced significant increases in the rate of hoof growth in the first 30 days alone.

Although, horses in the experimental study showed that from day 30 to 60, the rate of hoof growth had either slowed down or hit a plateau. At the end of treatment, it was found that hoof growth rate returned to pre-WBV rates.

The conclusion of this particular study was that WBV was directly responsible for increases in hoof growth, stronger hoof walls, and improved hoof health when combined with a diet of balanced amino acids.

The study also revealed that the best way to avoid slowdowns or plateaus in growth rates and achieve continually improved results is to apply WBV consistently over longer periods of time, while optimizing both the volume and intensity of vibration throughout treatment.

Continuous treatment with varied volume and intensity, along with a quality hoof supplement, will effectively address any current hoof pain, while cells receive the continuous stimulation needed for the production of new and healthy hoof growth.

Bringing the Benefits of Whole-Body Vibration to the World

Vitafloor is the inventor of Equine Vibration technology. We have invested years of study and research into the benefits and effects of whole-body vibration on horse health. Again and again, we have been able to prove that WBV has contributed to healthy hooves.

Whole-body vibration therapy can be used for hoof care and improved hoof quality, and it has also been shown to improve the development of back muscles in horses. When used for ligament and tendon injuries, WBV was found to both increase healed tissue quality and reduce healing time. Whole-body vibration has also shown to reduce pain and stress via the calming effect it’s been observed to have on horses.

Other Reasons Horse Owners Choose WBV

legs of a sorrel horse with unshod hooves that raise dust in the air

A Vitafloor whole-body vibration plate truly is an ideal investment because it offers:

  • A completely natural and non-invasive means of treating several health issues simultaneously
  • A way to provide physical training to horses without the risk of injury
  • A way to provide horses with a full-body massage that only requires them to step onto the vibration plate

Our vibration plates and other products are found in equine rehabilitation facilities and veterinary clinics, as well as in the stalls of breeders and competitors in over 25 countries and growing.

Vitafloor clients know that they can rely on our products. That’s because we only use top-quality materials. Our vibration products are built with thick plates for maximum comfort and durability.

All of our vibration plate models are easy to use, and they are also versatile. Owners can choose from a variety of frequencies, depending on whether their goals are for maintenance, rehabilitation, or training.

View our complete line of vibration plate products, as well as our horse exercisers, solariums, treadmills, massage rollers, and accessories by visiting our website. We can also provide assistance over the phone or via email; simply visit our contact page to locate an office in your country.

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