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Vitafloor, the pioneer of equine vibration plate therapy, has been scientifically proven to deliver significant positive effects, making it a favored choice among breeders, owners, and riders alike.

Trusted in the equine community, Vitafloor continues to help horses around the world recover quicker, perform better, and live healthier lives.

Equine Recovery and Rehabilitation

Vibration therapy has been shown to enhance equine rehabilitation and injury prevention. Just 10 minutes on the Vitafloor uniformly increases body temperature, boosting circulation and tissue health without overheating tendons and ligaments.

Vibration therapy has also been shown to help with hoof rehabilitation. One study demonstrates that whole-body vibration (WBV) therapy can increase hoof growth by up to 40% in 60 days, improving hoof walls and overall health with proper diet and care.

Research published in Equine Veterinary Education also shows that Vitafloor WBV therapy improves the symmetry and size of back muscles, accelerating the recovery process.

Performance Enhancement

Vitafloor’s vibration therapy not only aids in recovery but also significantly boosts equine performance. By simply standing on the vibrating platform, horses experience enhanced stamina, increased blood circulation, and a higher metabolism.

These benefits mean that horses require shorter training sessions to achieve greater power and flexibility, reducing the time and effort needed from trainers. This efficiency mirrors findings in human studies, where whole-body vibration improves muscle strength, stimulates circulation, and promotes relaxation.

Together, these effects equip horses with the strength and endurance needed for peak performance, all while streamlining the training process.

Health and Wellness

Vitafloor’s vibration therapy enhances equine health and wellness by reducing joint inflammation and pain, developing topline muscles, and increasing bone density.

It also reportedly improves sperm quality, burns fat, and alleviates colic, while treating soft tissue injuries and conditions like arthritis and laminitis.

With adjustable settings for intensity and duration, Vitafloor provides a tailored, non-invasive treatment that lowers stress and enhances overall well-being, making it a trusted tool in equine care.

Equine Recovery, Performance, and Health Starts With Vitafloor

Harness the power of Vitafloor’s equine vibration technology to elevate your horse’s health, performance, and recovery.

Vitafloor’s vibration therapy offers comprehensive benefits that are trusted by breeders, owners, and trainers alike. Shop our selection of equine vibration plates and wellness products or learn more about the benefits of Vitafloor. Give your horses the advantage they deserve for peak performance and optimal health.

Horse Benefits From Vibration Therapy Infographic

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