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Jurgen Pouls is one of the best known Dutch reining riders and is also the coach of the Dutch reining Youth Team. He uses the Vitafloor for all of his horses and this is what he says about it:

“The Vitafloor is really part of our daily training management in the barn. We put the Vitafloor underneath a solarium and it is a pleasurable time for all of the horses. I mainly put them on there after training, but also when they have a day off. Some horses just stand there with their eyes closed, others just munch from the hay net we put up with it. The first time is a bit strange for them, but I haven’t had a single horse yet that wanted to get off after a few minutes. I use the Vitafloor for almost every horse and everything. All the horses here stand on it almost every day, from the 2 year olds to the competition horses. They are just more supple in their whole body and stay more muscled up even if they are doing a bit less for a while.”

Jurgen Pouls – Reining Center Meertenhof

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