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The effectiveness of Vitafloor is frequently confirmed by reviews by unbiased users. Here is the English translation of a statement we received from Rick Klaassen, a Dutch dressage rider, which confirms Vitafloor’s effectiveness in the treatment of tendon injuries.

“My horse Royal Flash had a severe injury to the deep digital flexor tendon and despite rest, good care and guidance from my vet it looked as if the injury would become chronic and I would have to give up the horse. Through my vet, who knew Vitafloor, I got in touch with Vitafloor. The first half year, Royal Flash went on the Vitafloor twice daily. After six months the ultrasound was improved considerably and there was very little scarring tissue left. From that moment on we restarted our training and Royal Flash continued to go on the Vitafloor once a day before exercising. We are now competing again and we have regained our old form. Recently we won a competition at Intermediair level.”

Rick Klaassen

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