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This study was conducted by Peninsula Equine Medical Center in Menlo Park, California and published scientifically in Research in Veterinary Science. In a 60-day study on ten horses, the hoof and sole growth was markedly accelerated after twice daily Vitafloor® vibration therapy sessions. This latest research sheds light on a natural, non-invasive treatment, with no side effects, which accelerates healing and hoof health.

This is what the author has to say about it: Vitafloor Whole Body Vibration (WBV) increases hoof growth significantly over a 30 and 60-day period with the main increase seen in the first 30 days of the treatment. No prolonged effect on hoof growth rate was seen after cessation of WBV. These results indicate that Whole Body Vibration can be used as a non-invasive, safe and non-labor intensive therapeutic modality to accelerate hoof growth in the horse. -Bart Halsberghe, Veterinary Surgeon, DABVP (equine), cert. ISELP, CVMA, cVSMT, CERT.: Peninsula Equine Medical Center, Menlo Park, CA.

chart of how muscle growth is improved with vitafloor

These results are also very promising for laminitis patients, as the study shows a significant increase (up to 40%) of hoof growth especially in the first 30 days of the treatment. Once the study was finished and treatments were stopped after 60 days, the hoof growth fell back to similar levels as before the treatment

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