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Read what Vitafloor customer Anna Poll says about her Vitafloor vibrating stall unit, type VM1.

“The Vitafloor vibrating stall is just amazing. We put our horses on it twice a day and I must say the changes in the horses are unbelievable.  Their muscle tone has changed so that we had to change the width of the saddles because their shoulders have broadened up so much. The horse that was unsound off and on, has been sound now for a long time. We have started building her up slowly and now she’s doing walk, trot and canter work on straight lines still. Started doing a little bit of jumping, small little jumps last week and she held up fine, so it is looking good and the physio said she’s never felt her this good ever before. Also in the work I can see she’s much more of a happy horse. She was always ears back,  would just throw in a leap buck or something crazy and she doesn’t do that anymore at all, so a very good sign.

Our other horse is also happy. We started jumping him in the 1.30’s and he has so much spring in his body, I have never seen him jump that way, but is also happier. He is softer, he could sometimes throw his ears back  after a jump and now he’s got them forward all the time. He is forward going, he could always be a little bit backwards thinking – that has changed, so also amazing.

The horse that’s always been very spooky and crazy has also calmed down tremendously so all these signs are due to Vitafloor. Very very happy!… they love it.”

Anna Poll – South Africa

anna poll's vitafloor and mercurr set up in south africa

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