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Pain in the muscles can interfere with motion and circulation, negatively affecting your horse’s mood, performance and health. A horse massage roller offers a non-invasive way to relieve muscle spasms, tension and pain.

What Is a Horse Massage Roller?

A horse massage roller is a device that can be used both prior to and after exercising your horse. It provides a series of different massage phases. Each phase offers a different kind of massage, each with its own benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Horse Massage Roller?

Using a massage roller on your horse can help relieve pain, improve their circulation, and enhance flexibility and stride length.

Pain Relief and Rehabilitation

One of the most common reasons a growing number of horse owners turn to massage rollers is to relieve their horse’s pain. Massage relieves the muscle tension which can cause pain. Horses with scar tissue can also achieve relief through massage, which loosens scar tissue over time. Post-injury, massage can keep your horse’s muscles loose throughout the healing process.

Improved Circulation

Increased blood circulation helps deliver the oxygen muscles need to heal and stay healthy. Likewise, optimal lymph fluid flow takes metabolic waste and excess fluid out of the body. Massage rollers stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow for faster healing and elimination of painful swelling.

Improved Locomotor Function

A percussive massage roller helps to loosen areas where connective tissue has tightened. The result is restored flexibility and, ultimately, restored mobility. These positive changes can often be observed in a very short time following the use of a massage roller.

Increased Stride Length

Increased stride length is yet another benefit of massage. For example, a 20-minute massage was sufficient to increase a horse’s stride length by almost 5 inches. This illustrates the simple but undeniable ability of massage to extend a horse’s range of motion.

Other Benefits of Massage

In addition to the health benefits listed above, an equine massage gun can increase their relaxation and relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Massage also helps to lower blood pressure and breathing rate.

Effective riding or training is only possible with a trusting bond between horse and human. Being present during massage helps build that bond.

Give All the Benefits of Massage With Q-Line

The Q-Line from Vitafloor is an easy way to give your horse all of the benefits of traditional equine massage therapy in an easy-to-use unit. Simply fasten the Q-Line around your horse’s midsection, and press to begin.

The Q-Line offers 4 phases of massage that begin at your horse’s withers and continue along their back muscles. Phase 1 offers a stroking pressure massage, and after the Phase 2 relaxation period, your horse receives a deep pulsating massage. Another relaxation phase follows before the cycle begins again.

horse jumping over the barrier while having a rider on its back

The best thing about the Q-Line is that it offers all of the benefits of a traditional, manual massage treatment and already knows what to do. Just turn it on, and the Q-Line takes your horse through a complete massage automatically. Simply begin the massage process, and allow the Q-Line to help your horse improve blood flow to muscle tissue and feel better, instantly.

Vitafloor is an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of innovative equine performance, health and training products. Our horse exercisers, equine solariums and other products can be found at vet clinics, breeders, competitor barns and rehabilitation facilities in over 25 countries.

For more information about the Q-Line massage roller or any of our other products, visit our website or call (352) 737-6743.

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