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Horses are athletes and, as such, need the same level of care as human athletes do. When you want to ensure that your horse is healthy and happy, a solarium offers an ideal way to achieve this goal. What kinds of equine solariums are there, and which is best for your horse? We’ll answer these and other questions.

What Is a Horse Solarium?

A horse solarium is a unit containing several types of light bulbs. Hung above your horse’s grooming or water stall, the solarium’s lights affect certain areas of the body and keep your horse healthy for the long term.

Different Lighting Therapies

There are three main types of equine light therapies, each with its own range of health benefits.

UV Light

UV light therapy offers benefits for horse health by killing bacteria, germs, viruses, and mold. This type of light can be useful in healing wounds and preventing other skin conditions.


LED-RGB lighting doesn’t emit heat, but does emit particular wavelengths. These wavelengths benefit horses by encouraging sleep, easing dusk and dawn transitions, and smoothing hormonal changes for higher breeding success.

Infrared (IR) Light

Infrared light can be used to heal skin wounds and infections and to boost overall skin health. It also increases circulation for muscle relaxation, building, and healing, as well as improved muscle elasticity.

Light therapy using IR light also helps relieve the pain of sore muscles by helping your horse eliminate lactic acid buildup and increases the rate of blood sugar absorption by your horse’s muscles. This type of therapy also helps with fractures, arthritis, bruising, and many other conditions.

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Finding the Right Solarium

There are many solariums on the market to choose from, so it’s important to consider only those that offer the most benefits to your horse’s health and well-being.

Infrared heat solariums offer a multi-purpose solution. You can use them during the winter months to dry your horse and keep them comfortable. Because it stimulates blood circulation, the infrared heat lamps in equine solariums are a big contributor to the reduction of injuries in horses during exercise because they help relax muscles.

A superior solarium will not only penetrate your horse’s skin to stimulate the production of the white blood cells that stimulate healing; it will also help reduce the risk of disease and injury.

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