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Horse exercisers are a popular and vital piece of equipment for training a horse and keeping them in top condition and good health. There are many options of indoor and outdoor horse exercisers available. First let’s look at what exactly a horse exerciser is and the key benefits for your horse.

What Is a Horse Exerciser?

Sometimes called a hot walker, or a horse walker, a horse exerciser is a device that encourages horses to walk in a circular or oval pattern. A centralized motor moves the device, and arms extend from the center to guide the horses and regulate the speed of the movement.

Horse exercisers can be installed outdoors or indoors, and some models can be hung from the ceiling in order to keep the center area open for other activities. Indoor horse exercisers allow you to train in a controlled environment and avoid bad weather conditions.

A horse exerciser can be used with multiple horses at the same time instead of having a dedicated human hot walker for each horse. Only one person is needed to supervise the use of the mechanical hot walker while it is in use.

Key Benefits of Using a Horse Exerciser

There are numerous benefits to using a horse exerciser both before and after training or performing. Horse walkers are also used to aid in recovery from injury as well as being a helpful tool in regular conditioning.

Ceiling Mounted Horse Exerciser

One of the benefits of using a horse exerciser is that the gentle movement helps the horse’s vital signs return to normal levels after vigorous exercise. Use of a horse exerciser also helps to dissipate the excess heat built up in the horse’s body. This results in quicker recovery and can help reduce injury and stiffness.

Helping your horse recover from injuries becomes easier, as the horse is able to get exercise without the need of a rider who adds weight and strain to the horse’s movements.

Since horse exercisers can operate at a variety of speed settings, you can also maximize the benefits of the horse walkers by encouraging a light trot or cantering.

The use of a horse walker as part of proper warm-up and cool-down in your horse’s training routine also helps prevent conditions such as colic, metabolic collapse, and heatstroke.

How to Choose the Right Exerciser for Your Horse

When deciding which type of horse exerciser to choose, there are a few things you should consider to make sure the needs of you and your horse are met. The type of equestrian facility you have, the number of horses, as well as your financial situation are all important factors.

Some options to consider are:

  • Lead Rope or Panel Horse Walker
  • Indoor or Outdoor Exerciser
  • Ceiling or Floor Mounted Center
  • Single or Dual Track Exerciser
  • Speed and Direction Controls
  • Round or Oval Track Layout

Vitafloor carries a wide variety of horse exercisers designed with built-in safety features and constructed using premium materials.

Browse our selection of horse exercisers online today or call us at (352) 737-6743 for more information. We are happy to answer any questions about the benefits of this form of exercise for horses.

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