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There are many strategies, tips, tools, and equipment you can use to keep your horse in perfect condition. One such revolutionary piece of equipment is a horse solarium. It allows you to administer light and heat therapy to your horse easily and effectively.

Understanding Solarium Therapy

Wondering what a horse solarium does? A solarium is a device designed to produce short-wave infrared light and heat similar to that produced by the sun. Unlike the sun’s rays, a solarium doesn’t produce harmful UV rays. Why are infrared (IR) rays important to your horse’s health and well-being?

When your horse is bathed in the IR rays from the solarium, the rays elevate the body’s surface temperature and activate major bodily functions. As a result of the increased body temperature, the metabolic rate also increases and your horse’s capillaries dilate. This increases the amount and quality of blood flowing through your horse’s veins. As a result, the cells receive more oxygen and nutrients, leading to improved muscle growth, healthier tissue, and a generally healthier horse.

Top 8 Horse Solarium Benefits

Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of a horse solarium so you know why your horse really needs one. While most consider solariums a luxury, we believe they are a necessity that enhances your horses, growth, well-being, and performance. So, let’s dig into our top eight horse solarium benefits.

1. Optimizes Your Horse’s Metabolism Rate

As mentioned above, one of the most significant benefits of a horse solarium is that it helps optimize your horse’s metabolism rate. This ensures that your horse is in tip-top condition and performs at his best.

2. Enhances Muscle Elasticity

Horse solariums encourage cell regeneration. As a result, this helps improve the elasticity of your horse’s muscles. Because of this, your horse becomes more supple.

3. Improves Your Horse’s Recovery Rates

Because solariums encourage faster tissue regeneration, another added advantage they bring to the table is that they help your horse heal faster from injuries. From soft tissue injuries to fractures, recovery depends on the rate at which new cells are regenerated, and a horse solarium enhances cell recovery rate.

4. Helps Reduce the Likelihood of Injuries

Horses that undergo solarium therapy are less prone to injuries. This is simply because of the increased muscle elasticity that leads to improved suppleness. Solariums also promote muscle development, leading to your horse being stronger and better balanced. This also helps in the reduction of injuries.

5. Promotes a Healthier Coat

Horse solariums speed up the natural shedding process that rejuvenates your horse’s coat. As a result, your horse’s skin and coat are healthier and shinier.

6. Boosts Your Horse’s Immune System

One of the most significant benefits of a horse solarium is that it helps boost your horse’s immune system. This is because solarium therapy stimulates the production of white blood cells, which are a crucial component of your horse’s immune system. More white blood cells mean your horse can fight off sickness and disease more efficiently.

7. Reduces Muscle Pain

Improper warm-up (or lack of it) can cause muscle pain in your horse. It can even lead to serious injuries. A warm-up session under a horse solarium is an excellent way to help loosen and relax your horse’s muscles. As a result, muscle pain is reduced and performance is enhanced.

Post-workout, a solarium therapy session is also helpful, as it stimulates increased blood flow. This speeds up the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to the cells. Both are crucial for your horse to recover quickly.

8. Promotes Relaxation, Reduces Stress, and Makes for a Happy Horse

Solarium therapy has been proven to help horses relax better. The atmosphere and warmth soothe your horse’s body, thereby helping eliminate stress. A happy horse is a well-mannered horse that strives to perform at its best.

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What Does a Horse Solarium Do?

It makes for a happy, healthy, high-performance horse! If you’re a serious equestrian, getting a horse solarium is a no-brainer. After all, you’ve seen some of the benefits above. So, go ahead and get your horse a solarium today. If you need more information on horse solariums, don’t hesitate to call us at (352) 737-6743.


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