MaXuSS 230 Horse Solarium – Advanced Control Box Unit

SKU: q-line-horse-solariums-control-box-maxuss-230


This advanced control box unit for the MaXuSS 230, lets you control every aspect of the MaXuSS 230’s abilities for the best treatment possible of your horse. The control box comes with an internal timer can be set with the potentiometer on the outside of the box, on/of switch with illumination and a standard switch for setting the air blowers on manual or automatic control.

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25 lbs

Power Requirements

230 Volt 50/60Hz, 25 Amp, Ingress Protection Rating 65

Additional Information

Infrared Timer, Air Blower Control, Electrical Lift Control, mounting kit and a 30 Foot (10 Meter) Power Cable


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