MerCurr Horse Solarium – Control Box Unit

SKU: q-line-horse-solariums-control-box-mercurr


MerCurr Horse Solarium – Control Box Unit

Designed for the Q-Line equine solarium, this control box integrates an electrical lift control, infrared timer, and air blower control. A mounting kit is provided along with a 30-foot cable. The unit provides complete control of the compact solarium and its 22 IR lamps and 4 circulation fans. It requires 230 V 50/60 Hz, 25 A of power.

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25 lbs

Power Requirements

230 Volt 50/60Hz, 25 Amp, Ingress Protection Rating 65

Additional Information

Infrared Timer, Air Blower Control, Electrical Lift Control, mounting kit and a 30 Foot (10 Meter) Power Cable


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