To keep you horses out of the elements, all our exercisers can be supplied with either a full roof or a track cover, leaving the middle open. Optionally these can also be supplied with an integrated fencing system out of galvanized steel in it and optionally a wind/sun screen all around. The fence boards can be made out of PE (plastic) or wood. Roofs, plastic fence boards and windscreen can be ordered in multiple colors.

Our covers are made completely out of galvanized beam steel of the highest quality, divided into multiple sections (no wood involved).

The roofing consists of steel profile sheets with the renowned 32mm dam wall profile. These are manufactured from durable steel and equipped with a high-quality coating and tailor-made for your cover and come with an incredible 30-year warranty on the coating.

The roof sheets come standard with anti-condensation felt on the underside. This advanced felt absorbs moisture (up to 600 gr/m2) and minimizes condensation between periods of temperature fluctuations, maintaining a healthy climate for your horses.

The covers are equipped with sturdy steel profile purlins which serve as roof and wall purlins, and are reinforced by the inwardly curved extra lip. With a standard zinc layer of Z275 (275 g/m²) or ZMA140 (140 g/m²), these purlins are resistant to the test of time.

We don’t only provide protection for your horses but also invest in the long-term functionality of your barn. Our high-quality construction, durable coating, and thoughtful details make our covers the ideal choice for any barn.

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  1. Joey Evans, Whidbey Stables, Glen Ellen, CA

    The covered roof allows us to use the walker during not only rainy season, but also on the hottest of days. Additionally, the wind screens allow for plenty of airflow and also give the horses visibility in the surroundings. This was particularly important to us as it not only provides the horses with engagement therefore decreasing anxious behavior while also providing general protection from the elements.

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