Horse Exerciser LBE

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Horse exerciser type LBE with diameter of 50 ft. for 4 horses with all options included.

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Q-Line horse exerciser type LBE available with diameters from 40 to 50 ft. for 3 to 6 horses upon request.

The stock version of this unit can be made into a diameter of 40, 45 or 50 ft, suitable for 4 horses, provided with direct drive, including mesh push fence and UL 508A listed walk/trot control box WCB2.1 with adjustable speed walk and trot programs, multiple automatic direction change options and emergency stop.

Variable shock system, control box heating, automatic lubrication and track sprinkle system included. All steel parts are galvanized according to NEN-EN-ISO 1461-99. Power connection 110V / 60Hz / 20 Amp. UL 508A certified control panel. Part number: 22-5-11-00450.




960 lbs

Power Requirements

110 Volt, 60 HZ, 20 Amp, UL 508 listed

Additional information

Give 3 weeks for delivery of this item

3 reviews for Horse Exerciser LBE

  1. Danny & Kimberly Sorenson Sorenson Ranch Texas, Inc. Whitesboro, TX

    We love our Q-line, 4-horse panel walker by Vitafloor. It has given us the opportunity to offer our racehorse clients a gradual and safe transition from layup to rehab to light and moderate conditioning so they can resume formal race training already legged up in their mind and fitness. Most of them look forward to their daily sessions on “the wheel”, as we call it. Also, the company has had superb customer service. They are easy to get a hold of and have handled any issues with courtesy, professionalism and in a timely manner.

  2. Wayne and Kimberley Hill Sugar Creek Ranch Madison, GA

    We purchased our horse walker about two years ago and we love it. We had a problem with moisture in the motor, (no fault of Vitafloor), and Holm sent me a new motor and gear box the same day. Holm’s support and service has been excellent and the product is great. We do recommend Vitafloor.

  3. Heather Young and Tom Joyce Wayfarer Farm LLC Bonsall, CA

    When my husband and I wanted to add a European-style horse walker to our farm for boarders, lay-ups/rehabs, and to keep our own show jumpers in top shape, we researched all the options available on the market. We selected Vitafloor for the combination of quality, customer service, and overall value- they were not the cheapest but we felt by far the best overall offering.
    Holm Oostveen came to our farm in person to discuss layout and technical considerations- things like what we would need to tell our GC to install the base pad while also having the electric and water supply installed. We also discussed pros/cons of optional add-ons (panels vs. hanging strips, solid vs open exterior fencing, footing in the alleyway.
    The ordering process was easy and Holm kept us closely informed as to arrival (unit shipped from Europe) so we would be fully prepared. The installation was also seamless and accomplished within several hours.
    We have not had one single problem with our unit since it was installed just over 6 years ago. Holm is very diligent at sending me timely reminders to change the grease cartridge. I always elect to order a new one (easier) than try to refill the grease myself (although he always reminds me that is an option to save some money- I appreciate the customer-first attitude).
    Our current and prospective clients always comment how nice it is to have our walker as an extra amenity on the farm.
    Thank you Holm and Vitafloor team- we are delighted customers!

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