MaXuSS Thera 230 Horse Solarium System


The MaXuSS Thera 230 is our most complete equestrian solarium with all the options included in one attractive price. Includes 22 IR lights, 2 UV lights, and 9 programmable LED lights, as well as 6 circulation fans. Enhanced light output helps horses warm up before being ridden and puts them at ease. It also improves circulation to help reduce injuries and speed recovery time.

In addition to its therapeutic benefits, this horse solarium for sale has a unique, stylish shape and lightweight design. Curved edges help prevent a horse from injuring itself due to movement during treatment, while shock-proof, heat-resistant plastic improves durability. The solarium’s shape is contoured to the back lines of horses to direct heat and treatment to specific muscle groups.

Therapeutic light exposure has various benefits. It promotes muscle healing and recovery, helps disperse lactic acid after rigorous activity, and promotes natural vitamin D3 production. The solarium can reduce drying time following baths and exercise.

The MaXuSS Thera 230 comes standard with a control box, an electric lift, and three automatically adjustable modules. The solarium requires a minimum ceiling height of 9 feet without a lift and 10-13 feet with an electric lift.. Add the item to your cart to buy our solarium online.


Number and Type of Bulbs

10 x 150W, 12 x 100W, 2 Ultra Violet lights bulbs, 2 x 300W, 24 Infrared light bulbs, 9 Programmable RGB LED lamps

Number of Airblowers

6 Circulation Blowers

Additional Information

Give 8 weeks for delivery of this item


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