Q-Line Mounting Aid – Horse Mounting Block


Horses’ backs can experience significant strain when being mounted by their riders. This is especially true if a rider struggles to mount a horse. In addition, horses can also experience stress and become nervous if mounting and dismounting are difficult. The Q-Line Mounting Aid prevents the strain of mounting for both horse and rider.

Mounting from the ground almost always causes the saddle to shift. When this happens, the horse’s spine is pulled to the side, and the saddle may touch sensitive areas on the back and along the spine.

Mounty’s product is the world’s first automatic mounting aid. Installed directly into your safety wall, all that’s needed is to approach the wall with your horse, and then pull the block down. Just step on the block to mount. Once mounted, the aid simply folds away into your riding arena safety wall or kick board for easy storage.

Both horse and rider can benefit equally from this high-quality mounting aid; there’s no pulling of the supraspinous ligament and, because it’s located above the arena floor, the block eliminates the need for riders to mount from the ground or strain themselves to do so.

This mounting block is weatherproof, UV resistant, and user-friendly. It is lightweight and can be used by professional athletes, amateur riders, and anyone who places injury prevention as a top priority.

The lightweight, highly durable Mounting Aid relieves the strain on the horse’s back, preventing injuries. Requiring just two steps, it also makes mounting much easier for the rider. Horse professionals more or less always use a mounting aid; it is quite simply a part of good horsemanship.

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