FlexRciseR Oval Exerciser

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The FlexRciseR is not just an oval walker as it can also be used for trot speeds and light canter. It is the most dynamic and flexible system available on the market and will help you to keep your horses fit and healthy. It can be expanded to any diameter and any number of horses and allows fast starts and stops. The track hangs 3 meter above the ground so horses can’t reach the guiding system and can train at a maximum speed of 15 mph. The horse friendly separation push fences can be electrified as an option.

The roof of our FlexRciseR model is crafted entirely from robust steel, ensuring unparalleled durability and longevity. This means your horses are sheltered by a strong and resilient steel structure, preventing any moisture or condensation from dripping down onto the horses.

The FlexRciseR is made out of a track with fences, whereby the rail is made of two rectangle shaped steel tubes with a cart attached to it. Every second cart will be provided with a gear motor and all carts will be connected mechanically with each other. The gear motors are driving the whole system and are connected with a control box controlled by a frequency inverter with a break resister so the system can break fast.

The control box also features an emergency relais, which allows you to push an emergency button to stop the whole system. After taking away the danger the system can be reset and started up again. With a 30 year extended warranty, you can confidently invest in a horse exerciser that stands the test of time, providing your equine companions with a secure and reliable space for their exercise routine.


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