Q-Line treadmill

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The Q-Line treadmill can give your horse all the necessary training it needs and is also well suited for rehabilitation. It is developed with safety as the prime focus with a very easy safety release for the closing bars and uses a unique roller system underneath the belt, which leads to less friction and therefore a very efficient and low energy using machine. The treadmill comes with a 2.2Kw drum motor which uses regular 230V single phase, completely sealed and water tight and life-time lubricated, so virtually maintenance free.

The treadmill has a sleek design and all components with the exception of the control cabinet, are integrated into the machine, which means less risk of breakdown due to a horse bumping into it.
It comes optionally with a manual incline, or alternatively with a fully programmable incline and can be ordered in galvanized steel op powder coated in any Ral color.



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