Q-Line MaXuSS 230 – Equine Solarium

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The MaXuSS 230 has a nice finished body manufactured of a two-tone heat resistant impact-proof plastic made in three pieces. The equine solarium follows the horse’s back lines and provides the perfect warmth on the horse’s muscles. Its stylish shape also reduces the chance of a horse coming in contact with the warm lamps. The solarium is also protected by a heat-resistant plastic, so higher light outputs can be achieved.

The front and rear parts can be installed at the right angle for your horse’s needs. You can, therefore, target individual muscles and muscle groups, tissues, and tendons and stimulate blood circulation after an injury to speed healing. There are also other reasons to buy a horse solarium. It can help warm up your horse before exercise, reduce drying time, and boost vitamin D3 production. The product is ideally suited for installation in a grooming area.

The MaXuSS 230 equine solarium for sale can be ordered as stand-alone with a UL 508 listed control box only, or in combination with an electric lift. Optionally you can also add 2 UV lights with a separate timer (2 IR lights will be replaced by the UV lights) and/or 9 programmable LED RGB therapy lights. The recommended ceiling height is 9 feet without the use of a lift and 11-13 feet in combination with an electric lift.

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157 lbs


94 × 51 × 17 in



Power Requirements

230V, 16 Amp, 3500 Watts

IP Rating


Number and Type of Bulbs

10 x 100W Infrared, 12 x 150W Infrared, 2 x 250W Infrared

Number of Airblowers


EAN Number

Q-Line MaXuSS 230: 7106613447423
Electric lift for MaXuSS 230: 7106613447584

Additional Information

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