Q-Line MeRCuRR – Equine Solarium

SKU: 7106613447416


The MeRCuRR is built to the highest specifications with a heat resistant, colored reinforced plastic body. It has a very compact shape and the front is raised to allow free movement of the horse’s neck and features rounded edges to avoid injury. A combination of 22 IR lamps and 4 circulations fans ensure an even and pleasant temperature over your horse. Can be ordered as stand-alone or in combination with electric lift. Recommended ceiling height 8 ft 5 inches without the use of a lift and 10-12 ft in combination with an electric lift.

With it’s convenient compact shape, raised front, smooth rounded edges and heat resistant reinforced plastic body built to the highest specifications, the Q-line MeRCuRR horse solarium is the perfect choice for wash racks and grooming areas…

Horse Solarium Comparison Chart


99 lbs


75 × 52 × 16 in



Power Requirements

230V, 16 Amp, 3420 Watt

IP Rating

IP 54

Number and Type of Bulbs

22 x 150W Infrared

Number of Airblowers


Electric Lift

With Electric Lift, Without Electric Lift

EAN number

Q-Line MeRCuRR solarium: 7106613447416
Electric lift for MeRCuRR: 7106613447515

Additional Information

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