Q-line® Rain Train Arena Irrigation Systems

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Dust development is a well-known problem in riding arenas. Low humidity and intensive usage of the arena footing leads to dust and fine sand blowing up and through the arena as well as unstable footing. This can lead to unpleasant and dangerous conditions for both horse and rider.

To counter this, Q-line® has developed the Rain Train, an  arena sprinkle system, attached to your ceiling,  that moves back and forth and sprays the riding arena with 6 spray nozzles. The system can be set to operate automatically or can be controlled manually so that at any time you and your horse have the perfect footing to ride on.

The Q-line® Rain Train systems are designed and built according to the highest norms and latest technological standards, where the safety and comfort for you and your horse come first.


Power supply

110V, 60 Hz.

Arena Size

For riding arenas with width between 60’ and 130’ and length between 120’ and 250’.

Spray Nozzles

6 spray nozzles.

Operating Pressure

50-56 PSI.

Gallons Per Hour

1000 gallons per hour.


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