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The safety wall is a vital component to consider for every horse riding arena, but with so many options it can be difficult to know which one is best for your indoor arena.

One way to choose the right product is to think about what the wall will have to endure. For example, a wall that will be exposed to moisture through watering will need to be able to withstand that moisture. Therefore, a wood or form ply wall may not be the best or longest-lasting option, as exposure to moisture can negatively impact its shock absorbing properties.

Then again, products of higher cost like the Pro version of the Q-line indoor riding wall may not be within your budget.

For a more affordable option without compromising quality, you may consider the nearly identical Q-line Safety Wall – Budget Version, which is made with recycled plastics and therefore, available in black only. It also offers the same water-resistance, chemical-tolerance, and impact-absorbing qualities as the Safety Wall.

This horse arena kick wall is impact resistant and easy to mount; we even offer brick, wood, and steel fixing sets to ease installation. It doesn’t require a specific material for the frame, so the frame can be concrete, steel, or another material. It has a smooth surface and is rounded to ensure horses and riders remain safe during vigorous activity.

Like all Q-Line products, the Budget version of our kick wall is an innovative product which offers superior shock absorption, low maintenance with high quality plastic construction designed to withstand UV rays, moisture, and impact. Our kick wall allows for the installation of a door system and mounting aids for effortless indoor training.

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