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The controlled riding environment provided by indoor and outdoor horse arenas can lead to assumptions that they’re safe for horses and riders. However, it only takes one misstep to cause serious injury.

The Q-Line Safety Wall Pro won’t splinter like wood or create the risk of additional injury like its brick or stone wall counterparts. The softer, polyethylene construction of the Q-Line Safety Wall Pro makes it virtually unbreakable.

Should a strong enough impact occur to affect the integrity of our impact-resistant curved wall, it’s been designed to offer superior protection over slanted walls. The polyethylene doesn’t splinter or break into hard pieces like other materials do, making it safer for rider and horse.

Our Safety Wall’s European design protects the rider’s legs with rounded edges, which ensure that horse’s hooves cannot get caught underneath.

The impact-absorbing Q-line Safety Wall Pro is made of high-quality, low-maintenance, shock-absorbing materials and available in multiple colors to enhance the beauty of your indoor arena.

Handcrafted with the highest attention to detail, the riding arena kick wall improves safety for both horses and riders. It’s chemical- and water-resistant as well. The Safety Wall Pro can be further customized with more than 150 custom colors and gates with fully integrated hinges, while brick, steel or wood fixing sets ease integration into specific wall constructions.

You may also add Safety Wall doors and gates  and a mounting aid to this Q-Line product for even more customization.


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