Sedelogic English 1-Ply Half Pad


Sedelogic English 1-Ply Half Pad

This is a lightweight half saddle pad that provides shock absorption and pressure relief. It is made of a breathable material that improves comfort even for horses with back problems. Washable & quick-drying, it’s most suited for dressage for closer contact. Shock absorption is maximized using three-dimensional weaving, reducing pressure by as much as 50%.

The English half pad is also well-ventilated. When warm, humid air collects underneath the saddle, it can be replaced by cooler, dryer air thanks to woven polyester fibers. This dressage half pad is available in small and medium sizes; color options include black and white.





Medium – 16 ½ to 17, Small – Up to 16 ½


Black, White


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