Vitafloor VM2

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The Vitafloor built-in stall and horse trailer units are an invaluable investment for training, veterinary and rehabilitation facilities who wish to optimize the well-being and performance of horses in their care. All of the built-in models allow the horse to move about freely and naturally in a stall and the control cabinet with an automated timer and frequency settings provide the ultimate practicality as no supervision is necessary during treatments. Furthermore, these models are custom made to fit your stall or trailer with the option of adding an airlift tilt mechanism which is proven to increase the effects and benefits of vibrational therapy by 30%.

The VM2 is our most sought after built-in model which is designed to fit perfectly in most standard 12′ x 12′ stalls. The optional airlift tilt mechanism enables the floor to tilt a few inches at time in different directions and intervals increasing the performance of the vibrational therapy by more than 30%. Each time the floor raises, it requires the horse to activate a different set of muscles comparable to muscle isolation training in humans. The floor dimensions are 10ft x 10ft and an additional 2ft of space is needed for the high-powered vibration motors and all necessary hoses and connections. The VM2 is a fully computerized system that has a timer to shut the vibrations off automatically allowing you to freely and safely treat horses unsupervised.

Contact us for deviating sizes and sizes larger than 12’ wide


Power Requirements

110 volts


10 Foot or 12 Foot Depending on Model


10 Foot Long with 2 Foot Space for Vibration Motors

Additonal Components

Air Pump (Only Available With Optional Air Lift System)


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