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The Vitafloor VME is the smallest Vitafloor vibration plate available and combines a superior upwards vibration with smaller size and budget. It measures 35’ by 79’ (90 cm x 200cm) and uses a standard electrical outlet (110V for North America and 230V for rest of the world). It is made of durable materials and comes with adjustable feet and a water resistant control box with variable frequency control. It can be supplied as a stand-alone plate only, or optionally also with our lightweight aluminum side bar system, which includes our safety click system for the front and back bars. This system is unique to Vitafloor and the safest on the market today.

All you need is a solid level surface and an outlet to plug in the control cabinet and you are good to go.

Vitafloor’s stand-alone VME horse vibration plate units are conveniently sized and affordable without compromising their European construction or veterinary researched vibration technology found only in Vitafloor products. The Vitafloor VME is the most compact equine vibration plate for sale so far. Measuring 35” by 79”, it provides superior upward vibration and is extremely durable.

Features include adjustable feet, a standard electrical connection, and a water-resistant control box. The unit’s basic control system includes variable frequency control, but it can also be ordered with an advanced control box, which in addition to the variable frequency control, also has a timer included. Customers can choose this model as a stand-alone plate but can also include Vitafloor’s lightweight aluminum sidebar system as an option as well as a ramp system. The machine is used by clients throughout the world, including equine rehabilitation centers and veterinary clinics.



280 lbs


84 × 40 × 12 in

Power Requirements

110 volts North America, 230 Volts Internationally

Additional Information

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7 reviews for Vitafloor VME – Horse Vibration Plate

  1. Katie Hauss and Lindsay Stefanko, Granite Bay Farm, Thousand Oaks, CA

    Katie Hauss and Lindsay Stefanko
    The Vitafloor has become a staple in our program. We use it for a lot of different purposes at our farm, and have seen great results thus far. It has been a huge tool in supplementing the rehabilitation of some of our horses with current or old injuries. We also use it on a daily basis, post-ride, for some of our horses that have chronically sore backs or sore feet. Our horses really enjoy their sessions on the Vitafloor and it has been helping to keep them feeling great in all parts of their body.

  2. Peter Chiang, DDS, Salinas, CA

    I have consistently had good therapeutic results with 5 different roping horses with different injuries. The injuries included mild to moderate navicular disease, moderate torn medial ligaments, and sore and stiff stifle joints. My experience with the Vitafloor vibrating floor system has been over the last two years had I have had great recovery and post therapy results to have been able to keep my horses competing and sound using this non‐invasive therapy, which they also seemed to enjoy. I highly and unequivocally recommend this therapeutic option to all horsemen with the health of their horses as one of their highest priorities.

  3. Laura Graves, Crossties LLC, Geneva, FL

    I had the privilege of using a Vitafloor while stabled in Belgium in preparation for the 2014 World Equestrian Games. I was hesitant about my horse being nervous but he very quickly accepted the sessions and was soon leading himself onto the floor! Vitafloor helps keep my horses comfortable in ways that I can’t. The vibration penetrates much deeper than any icing technology or massage and treats the whole body in every session. In addition to the physical benefits, the horses love it!

  4. Mike Perry – Crooked Creek Ranch, Vancleave, MS

    We love our Vitafloor system, it’s a huge part of our daily program and keeps our horses at their very best! We have had it since January of 2023 and have multiple success stories from it! We had spent thousands trying to conquer foot growth on our daughters gelding ,he now has 200% growth!
    We also have a young mare that had a terrible accident the beginning of 2023 and had torn a ligament , she was supposed to be on stall rest anywhere from 6-9 months. Our veterinarian’s instructions were to hand walk her 5 minutes a day and increase that by 5 additional minutes each week , we would also put her on the Vitafloor for 30 minutes a day and after 6 weeks at her first check up her progress was remarkable! The vet then told us to continue with what we were doing, then after only 4 months her x-ray barely showed any damage and she was released to go back to her normal routine!
    We have also successfully treated two horses with colic! It’s truly a miracle machine.

  5. Joey Emmert Evans – Whidbey Stables LLC, Glen Ellen, CA

    Our Vitafloor has been a very well worthwhile investment. We use it weekly for all the performance horses as part of our therapy program to help mitigate joint pain and inflammation. It is particularly essential for our older sport horses who need the additional joint and topline support. Additionally, for a few horses with poor hoof quality, it has been tremendously beneficial.

  6. Beth Palmgren

    After two seasons with an older Grand Prix dressage horse using the Vitafloor am so impressed with the results. Not only has it made a huge difference in his maintenance program (fewer treatments), he has also gained more suspension in his gaits and strength in his work. A bonus is that I also use the floor for myself. I have a few chronic injuries and using the Vitafloor has allowed me to keep active and supple as well! Such a great addition to any training or rehab program And the horses love it!

  7. Michelle Grayson, New York

    I love my Vitafloor!!! Best investment ever. My horses love it even more. It is an integral part of my program as are their other products. 5 stars all around!

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