Vibrating Floor for Horses

Vitafloor Horse Vibration Plates

All Vitafloor models are safe, user-friendly and non-invasive. Vitafloor vibrating floor for horses are comprised of a thick and ridged vibration platform with a layer of rubber on the top surface. The vibration motors facilitate the vibrating floor to gently vibrate at various frequencies based on the intended use, be it for training, rehabilitation or maintenance. Vitafloor is a fully computerized system with a timer that shuts the vibrations off automatically when the program has run. The built-in models can be made to match the specific measurements of your stall, grooming area or horse trailer and configured to meet the electrical requirements in your country. These models also have an option for an integrated tilt mechanism that gently tilts the sides of the vibrating floor at regular intervals thereby activating the muscles of the animal to provide an increased effect.

equine vibration plate

Vitafloor Equine Vibration Plate Stand Alone Models

Vitafloor’s stand alone VMC equine vibration plate units are conveniently sized and affordable without compromising the superior European build quality or veterinary researched vibration technology found only in Vitafloor…

Vibrating Floor for Horses

Vitafloor’s Vibrating Floor Built-In Stall & Trailer Units

Vitafloor’s vibrating floor for horses is most recognized for it’s fully integrated full size stall models which can maximize vibration benefits up to 30% when ordered with our unique airlift tilt mechanism…

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