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NEW!! Vitafloor USA, Inc. is in the initial stages of creating an international directory of equine rehabilitation centers for those seeking therapeutic or conditioning services for their equine partners. One of the biggest benefits to boarding your horse a reputable equine rehabilitation facility after an injury or unfavorable medical diagnosis is the use of an equine vibrating platform. Therefore, it is extremely important when considering a rehab center to make sure their vibrating plate is a true Vitafloor and not a generic brand because Vitafloor is in a league of it’s own and the only equine vibrating platform in the world with vibrations specifically created for horses. Other brands of vibrating plates are not made in Europe using the same quality standards of a Vitafloor and can potentially do more harm than good. If you have an equine rehab center that offers Vitafloor therapy sessions, we welcome you to participate in our equine rehab center directory at no cost by filling out the form below.

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Revive Equine Stud & Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Livery offered on our purpose built yard on the Fylde Coast. We offer a wide range of services from wound management, to ridden work, with the option of including specialist equipment for more effective results. More Information Services Straightening...

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M Club State-of-the-Art Equine Rehabilitation Facility

This state of the art facility immerses you in natural light as you walk in the door. You are welcomed by view of the indoor arena 100 x 200 Pinnacle Blend footing, with complete course of jumps. Our guests can relax upstairs in the viewing room , or enjoy the view...

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Equine Performance Specialists | Loveland, CO USA

Equine Performance Specialists is the most unique practice in Northern Colorado combining sports medicine, regenerative medicine, rehabilitation and physical therapy. All treatment and therapy programs are based on a thorough and accurate diagnosis and start with...

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Dutch Dreamhorses | Aromas, CA USA

At our quiet, private rehab and equine therapy center, we offer an ideal setting for horses on rehab to relax and recuperate. The stalls are large, light and airy, with expansive views. We concentrate on soft tissue injuries including suspensory tears, as well as hoof and bone problems including Navicular disease and Silicosis. We incorporate the use of our fully built-in Vitafloor vibration floor system and our Eurociser to stimulate blood circulation to increase the chances of a successful recovery, as well as keeping the horses in good overall condition. We maintain the highest levels of safety for our horses, using only the very safest

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Lelymare Horses | Lelystad, Netherlands

Lelymare Horse is a unique equine centre which focuses on the rearing and rehabilitation of the horse. We have all the facilities to make the horse feel comfortable and give him the care he needs. Each rehabilitation horse has his own light and large stable with unlimited access to hay and has daily the opportunity to have a walk in the paddock or pasture. We rehabilitate horses after they have had an injury or illness.

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