Depending on the injury or disease, we develop a program specifically designed to target the problem. Our equipment has been used in Europe and the US for a number of years with great success. At our quiet, private rehab and equine therapy center in North Monterey County, California (40 minutes from San Jose airport), we offer an ideal setting for horses on rehab to relax and recuperate. The stalls are large, light and airy, with expansive views. We concentrate on soft tissue injuries including suspensory tears, as well as hoof and bone problems including Navicular disease and Silicosis. We incorporate the use of our fully built-in Vitafloor vibration floor system and our Eurociser to stimulate blood circulation to increase the chances of a successful recovery, as well as keeping the horses in good overall condition. We maintain the highest levels of safety for our horses, using only the very safest equipment, and our training and rehab programs run 7 days per week. Feeding is spread out over 3 times during the day, and we can give medicines and supplements if required. We have a small dedicated staff offering very personalized care, and the horses seem to relax and feel at home very quickly.


  • Full Care Rehabilitation Boarding
  • Program Runs 7 Days Per Week
  • Twice Daily Vitafloor Sessions
  • Customized Exercise Programs
  • Trailering to Top Veterinary Facilites
  • Top Quality Hay and Grain
  • Horses Fed 3x Per day
  • Administer Medicine & Supplements


  • Built-In Vitafloor Stall Unit
  • European Horse Exerciser
  • Q-line Horse Solariums
  • Large Airy Stalls
  • Mirrored Outdoor Arena
  • Round Pens & Turnout
  • Small Private Facility
  • Dedicated Experienced Staff


  • Rehabilitation
  • Conditioning
  • Soft Tissue Problems
  • Bone Density Issues
  • Navicular
  • Silicosis
  • Injury Recovery
  • Reducing Healing Time

For more information, or to inquire about sending your horse(s) to this equine rehabilitation center, please contact:
Nicky Oostveen