Rocky Mountain Equine Rehabilitation is Denver’s premier boutique equine rehab facility specializing in state of the art sport horse therapies, top level care and meticulous facilities. Through the use of new technologies like the Vitafloor Horse Vibration Plate, the Horse Gym Treadmill, the Multiradiance My Pet Laser, and PEMF, RMER is able to incorporate modern machinery to match traditional therapies to rehab your horse as quickly and safely as possible. By pairing the use of advanced equipment with a high set of horse & facility care standards, RMER remains one of the only prominent equine rehab facilities in the Denver area.


  • Vitafloor
  • Horsegym Treadmill
  • Multiradiance My Pet Laser
  • Magnus Magnetica PEMF
  • Equicore Equiband System
  • Under saddle therapies


  • Small private turnout
  • Daily grooming
  • Routine handwalking & grazing
  • Icing as needed
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Program


  • Regular checkin’s with veterinarians to monitor progress & maintain correct strategies and techniques
  • Boutique style, allowing for close attention to detail
  • Convenient location, easily accessible for all sides of the Front Range of Colorado

For more information, or to inquire about sending your horse(s) to this equine rehabilitation center, please contact:
Brittany Hanes

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