About Horse Exercisers

Horse exercisers provide horses with the exercise they need to keep them at peak health and condition but without the use of human horse walkers. Horses, their owners, and equine professionals alike can realize many benefits from using these popular pieces of equipment.

What Does a Horse Exerciser Do?

Horse exercisers can be thought of as an equine encouragement device. The horse walks freely between panels, and its motor moves the arm in a circular or an oval pattern. The exerciser then guides the horse as it walks the circular track. In this way, the natural movement of a horse is simulated.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of using walking machines are numerous and include everything from preventing bone fractures and improving the development of back muscles to better behavior and faster recovery from injury.

Having this device allows your horse to improve horse conditioning and fitness, no matter their age or fitness level..

Controlled Movement

A horse exerciser allows your horse to move as they would naturally. In addition, the device provides controlled exercise. Many studies show that, in facilities that rehabilitate horses, the constant pace and controlled movement encouraged by equine exercisers allows for healing while supporting the tissue recovery process.1

Develop Muscles and Prevent Fractures

Motorized exercisers have also been shown to improve muscle development, thanks to their ability to increase the level of oxygen in the blood and number of red blood cells and to increase blood saturation. They have also shown to have many benefits for young horses that need mild exercise early on. Specifically, it was revealed that an exerciser can stimulate bone growth in areas that were susceptible to fracture.2

Higher Endurance and Accelerated Recovery

Automated horse exercisers stimulate blood circulation, increasing oxygen supply and  strengthening the heart muscle, and they help quicken a horse’s reflexes. This allows for better warm-ups before exercise, heightened endurance and performance during exercise, and a faster return to a normal heart rate, lower blood pressure, and better muscle recovery post exercise.

Improved Joint Health

Range of motion, mobility, and joint health all improved in horses that received controlled motion exercise with motorized exercisers. This allows horses in dressage to improve their coordination and balance. Stronger muscles allow for enhanced technique in jumping, while endurance horses exhibit better cardiovascular health and stamina.

Vitafloor: Committed to Your Horse’s Lifelong Health

Vitafloor is a leader in the equine health industry. Our goal is to provide the most innovative and effective equipment possible. Our products offer a multi-pronged approach to equestrian care that prevents injury; supports recovery from injuries; and improves conditioning, well-being, and overall horse fitness.

Vitafloor horse walkers have researched benefits that include better rehabilitation after injury, a stronger back, and lower blood pressure. They are used by performance trainers in equestrian facilities, veterinary clinics to help injured horses, and owners worldwide. Learn how to add our products to your private property or training facility. Contact us today.


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