Vitafloor Horse Exercisers

Q-line horse products are synonymous with superior safety. Handcrafted in Europe, Q-line hot walkers and horse exercisers offer cutting-edge technological advancements, unique exclusively to Q-line to keep your horses comfortable and most importantly… SAFE.

Q-line® Direct Safety Mechanism

Equine Exercisers & Horse Hot Walkers

As an added safety precaution, should a horse stumble or cease moving forward while in the hot walker, the specially designed electric motor with direct drive enables the horse exerciser to take the pressure off the horse and transfer the added torque to a special coupler that will stop the machine and saves the horse and motor. This feature ensures safety for your horses and your equipment by not applying a continued forward pressure of any kind.

Q-line® Drift Fences

Equine Exercisers & Horse Hot Walkers

The ultra light-weight, flexible, horse safe drift fences found in all Q-line professional models, are one of the many unique features that make Q-line hot walkers the safest exercisers for horses. The drift fences encourage forward movement without the risk of injury to your horse that can occur with other models of Eurosizers which use heavy, rigid materials.

Q-line® Drift Fence Release Mechanism

Equine Exercisers & Horse Hot Walkers

Another beneficial safety feature of the already incomparable Q-line Drift Fence is the release mechanism which allows the Drift Fence to instantly and automatically drop to the ground should a horse ever jump on top of the fence. The release takes minimal effort to engage resulting in maximum safety for your horses.

Q-line® Fully Enclosed Industrial Gear Motor

Equine Exercisers & Horse Hot Walkers

The whisper quiet industrial gear motor was designed to provide quiet and smooth movement with nominal power consumption of only 0.5kW, with a maximum torque of 850Nm. The highly efficient motor is enclosed in an aesthetically pleasing, impact resistant housing to protect horses and humans from all moving parts.

Q-line® European Electrical Testing

Equine Exercisers & Horse Hot Walkers

Manufacturing Q-line hot walkers in Europe subjects their electrical components to the most rigorous International NEN 3140 testing in the world. All hot walker components are built to the highest quality standards with safety, functionality and practicality. Even in blizzard conditions with temperatures well below freezing, Q-line is guaranteed to work as smoothly as it does in the summertime with the addition of an optional Control Box Heating System.

Galvanized for the Ultimate Longevity

Equine Exercisers & Horse Hot Walkers

Virtually maintenance free, every part of Q-line equine hot walkers and horse exercisers are hot dipped galvanized according to: NEN-EN-ISO-1461-99 to ensure ultimate longevity and minimal wear-and-tear. Q-line also offers an option to have the exposed galvanized pieces powder coated in an array of different colors enabling your Q-Line Horse Exerciser to blend seamlessly with other buildings on your farm for a more uniform presentation.


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