About Horse Solariums

Horse solariums are innovative tools designed to improve the health and well-being of horses through the use of infrared and ultraviolet light. Explore the numerous benefits a solarium can have for your horses.

One of the most effective ways to benefit any horse’s health is with equine light therapy. Equestrian solariums provide healing infrared light that activates your horse’s major bodily functions.

What Are Horse Solariums and What Do They Do?

Just as the sun does, a solarium’s infrared lamps generate and deliver heat and infrared light. However, the light generated by a solarium contains no harmful ultraviolet rays.

Horses exposed to infrared rays experience an increase in their body temperature, which kicks many healing functions into high gear, such as metabolic rate. An increased metabolic rate dilates their capillaries, allowing more blood flow through their body. Ultimately, this results in higher delivery of nutrients and more oxygen to all cells.

When nutrient and oxygen delivery is high, muscle and tissue growth improves throughout your horse’s body.

The Science Behind Solariums

The infrared light spectrum consists of short, medium, and long wavelengths. Equine solariums emit short-wave infrared light. Results from several equine studies indicate that raising the temperature of muscle tissue can have significant health benefits.

For example, a temperature increase of just one or two degrees is sufficient to loosen your horse’s muscles and calm them. Increase temperature nearly three degrees, and this will accelerate their metabolism for a recovery process. For increased extensibility of collagen, increase the temperature of their muscle tissue by three to four degrees.1

Measurable Horse Solarium Benefits

So we’ve revealed the science behind solariums—but how does this translate to what you’ll see in the ring, pasture, or stable?

Solariums increase white blood cells and amount of vitamin D production, which boosts your horse’s immune system. This is one of light therapy’s major benefits.

Exposing your horse to the solarium’s short-wave infrared light will also help all types of muscles absorb higher volumes of blood sugars, which helps to expel lactic acids. This means your horse will not have sore or stiff muscles following exercise.

Injuries during training exercises or competition cause painful inflammation, which can stress your horse and affect behavior and well-being. Red light reduces inflammation and helps your horse to heal.

Because solariums accelerate your horse’s shedding process, you will also notice a healthier, shiny coat.

The ultimate benefit is a horse that is calm, relaxed, and better able to focus. This means a much higher quality of performance, and a much more enjoyable ride.

Applications of Equine Light Therapy

Equine light therapy can be used prior to warming up or working your horse for increased muscle elasticity and relaxation, as well as after exercise for accelerated muscle recovery.

Professionals and owners alike can integrate light therapy sessions into their training regimen for better focus and performance of equine athletes.

During colder temperatures, a solarium can do double duty as a horse dryer, giving your horse all of the health benefits of infrared light and the warmth and comfort of the heat it generates.

Q-Line Equine Solariums & Infrared Light Therapy for Horses

With 40% more output than any other horse heat lamps on the market and the most advanced innovations in infrared bulbs, Q-Line horse solariums are hands-down the most powerful infrared horse equine light therapy in the equine world.

The high output infrared light produced by Q-Line horse solariums penetrates the horse’s skin into underlying muscle groups to significantly stimulate blood flow.

If you’ve ever taken a tour of the top performance horse stables in Europe, you’ll know it is nearly impossible to miss the radiant warm light glowing from the barn aisles of the most competitive equestrians.

Q-Line horse solariums are viewed as an indispensable necessity throughout Europe and used daily to warm up and relax horses before and after riding, in addition to drastically stimulating blood circulation to aid in recovery and reduction of injuries.

As with all Q-Line products, the safety and comfort of your horse is paramount. Each horse solarium is made of lightweight heat-resistant plastic with rounded edges and inset heat lamps to greatly reduce the risk of injury. Built-in circulation fans evenly distribute a pleasant heat. Solariums are available with or without motorized lifts.

Q-Line is world renowned for innovating and manufacturing superior quality horse products handcrafted in Europe with meticulous attention to every detail.

Discover the Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy

Red equine light therapy improves the horses’ muscle elasticity, therefore helping to prevent and recover from injuries. It strengthens the immune system and cellular metabolism, helping to heal wounds. The result is a happy and healthy horse for life!

Q-Line’s horse solariums are heat radiation lamps that provide incomparable benefits for horses. Now, Q-Line horse solariums are available in North America exclusively through Vitafloor. Learn more about Q-Line horse solariums by browsing our selection or by contacting us: 352-737-6743

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