Q-Line Equestrian Kick Wall

One stumble can seriously injure a horse or its rider. From challenges with mounting to the risk of an accident due to speed and other factors, the kick wall addresses many indoor riding arena safety concerns.

Safety Walls Protect Horses and Riders in Indoor Arenas

Q-Line’s award-winning indoor horse arena safety wall and kick system is now available in North America, exclusively through Vitafloor. Q-Line is world-renowned for innovating and manufacturing superior quality horse equipment and products handcrafted in Europe with European design and meticulous attention to every detail.

This riding arena kick wall follows the same tradition and improves safety for riders and horses during training exercises and arena performances. Unlike wood or plastic materials that offer little to no protection and break on impact, the Q-Line equestrian kick wall absorbs shock and impact. This can significantly reduce both the instance and severity of injury to horse and rider.

High-speed impacts and their accompanying potential for extremely serious injuries are also significantly reduced with our flexible yet durable kick wall.

Safety Wall Color Options

The Q-Line Safety Wall Pro is made of the highest-quality waterproof shock-absorbing synthetic materials and may be ordered in any of the colors below. Please keep in mind, these RAL colors are here for your reference and may vary slightly since all monitors and digital devices display differently.

Vitafloor’s Safety Wall passes the crash test with flying colors! Not only is it available in any color to fit your barn color scheme, it is also maintenance free, suitable for both indoor and outdoor arenas, indestructible and the safest arena wall out there for both horse and rider. Watch the video and see for yourself!

Benefits of the Q-Line Arena Kick Wall

Even the most accomplished horses and riders in the world can have accidents, and both can experience serious injuries in both indoor and outdoor arenas (especially metal buildings with steel beam construction).

Q-Line is recognized for putting safety first in all their products. Its award-winning, horse arena safety walls and riding arena  kick systems are proving to be invaluable in preventing blunt impact against steel or wood walls.


This is the greatest advantage of the Q-Line safety wall. The Safety Wall is designed to keep the horse and rider off the wall and to prevent the horse getting its hoof stuck under it. In addition, the polyethylene material is much more forgiving than wood. It has much better shock absorption, is virtually unbreakable, and can’t splinter like wood does.

Durable Synthetic Material

Maximizing ride quality and protection, the high-quality synthetic material is also waterproof. It holds up in a range of conditions, withstands a high mechanical load, and is extremely shock-absorbent and durable, contributing to its long-lasting performance.

Increased Rider Confidence and Athlete Response

With the Q-Line equestrian kick wall in place, riders can know that they and their horse are protected in the event of a mishap. In not having to be concerned about the reliability of the kick wall, riders can train or compete with far fewer distractions and more confidence, focusing on the task at hand.

Sensing their rider’s confidence, the ever-intuitive equine athlete will also benefit from better focus and better arena performance.

Easy Mounting and Access

An optional integrated mounting aid helps the rider mount the horse with ease. It also automatically closes and becomes flush with the arena wall. The safety wall also has a hinged door for easy arena access. Safety wall gates with special integrated hinges that only allow doors to open to the inside. Each equestrian kick wall includes corner sets with screws and plastic plugs for brick, and steel-based walls. The wall panels in our horse safety walls are made to resist horse kicks, but they can also be mounted to a steel back construction for extra long lasting performance.

Ideal for Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation facilities and other locations offering specialized equine-related services can also benefit from the Q-Line equestrian kick wall. Rehabilitators can help their patients progress through their recovery processes instead of having to deal with preventable setbacks.

Easy to Install and Maintain
The Q-Line wall requires no special training to install it in your riding arenas. As well, it is easily maintained. The wall can be cleaned by spraying it with water. The surface is smooth and non-stick, repelling dirt.

Options for Every Budget

The Q-Line wall is available in a Pro version, and a Budget version for competition, training, and rehabilitation facilities of all sizes and capacities. The Pro version of our indoor arena kick wall offers a curved design that protects the rider’s legs and pushes horses away from the wall to minimize damage and protect the equine hoof wall.

The Budget version offers low maintenance with a shock-absorbing, rounded design. The curved kickwall offers the same quality and important features as the Pro version, providing the injury prevention that an angled arena wall simply cannot.

Safety that Extends to Doors and Gates

The Q-Line equine arena safety wall is ideal for extending your layer of safety and eliminating sharp edges that can cause inadvertent injury.

Common Use Cases and Applications

The Q-Line equestrian kick wall can be used for a variety of applications.

Training and practice – Preventing injury during training and practice is just as high a priority as doing so during competition. The kick wall provides a worry-free experience for trainer, horse, and rider, providing the opportunity to maximize training value.

Event safety – Competition venues that install the Q-Line equestrian arena safety walls are able to offer all competitors an added layer of safety and protection.

Riding schools – Facilities that teach riding can increase the level of safety offered to riders and horses with the Q-Line equestrian kick wall.

A Leader in Arena and Equestrian Safety

Vitafloor promotes innovation in arena safety, which is why we refuse to stock or recommend products that offer less than the absolute best. It’s thanks to our collaboration with the world’s top equestrian professionals, and the insights we have gleaned from numerous scientific studies into the effects of impact to horse and rider safety, that our products offer such high quality and superior reliability.

The Q-Line Safety Kick Wall costs less than quality wood and is made of high-quality polyethylene. To add our indoor riding arena kick wall and other quality equine products to your competition or indoor training facility, request an online quote or call 352-486-7340.

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