About Sedelogic Saddle Pads and Tendon Boots

Whether you are an Olympic equestrian or a weekend trail rider seeking maximum comfort for your horse and yourself, Sedelogic saddle pads are the most rigorously tested and meticulously crafted shock-absorbing saddle pads in the world. Sedelogic saddle pads have made revolutionary advancements that have greatly impacted not only the comfort of horse and rider, but also equine health. These saddle pads redistribute weight away from the pressure points on the horse’s back—something that traditional saddle pads cannot accomplish.

The Benefits of Sedelogic Saddle Pads

Along with providing unparalleled comfort, Sedelogic saddle pads also preserve equine health. Sedelogic allows for optimal saddle fit and weight distribution, preventing back injury, musculoskeletal issues, and additional problems that can develop as a result of ill-fitting saddles. These pads also offer the benefit of added shock absorption for enjoyable riding activities and greater focus during training and competition.

Sedelogic Technology’s Benefits

Sedologic’s innovative new line of thermoplastic saddle pads are made with the goal of a perfect fit to your horse’s unique back shape for the enjoyment of horse and rider alike. For the ultimate shock absorption, weight distribution, and orthopedic benefits, Sedelogic offers a new line of uniquely re-moldable custom-fit saddle pads with a thin, sturdy layer of breathable thermoplastic providing the perfect fit for every horse. As your horse’s body changes (gaining muscle, weight, etc.), or you decide to switch to a different horse, simply reheat and reshape the pad as often as you wish.

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Clinically Proven to Distribute Pressure and Absorb Shock

In conjunction with renowned veterinary universities throughout Europe, Dr. Jerome Stokkermans created the Sedelogic product line to achieve significant and verifiable improvements to the welfare, performance, and comfort of horses in high-impact sport disciplines.

As an owner of an equine veterinary practice in Heerlen (The Netherlands) for more than 15 years, Dr. Stokkermans was confronted with countless performance problems often associated with significant pain in the horse’s back, which led him to perform a thorough investigation of the back, the saddle, and the pad. This intensive research included conducting the world’s first pressure measurements under the saddle while jumping a full course.

Dr. Stokkermans’ comprehensive studies analyses led to the development of a three-dimensionally woven polyester fiber that is clinically proven to distribute pressure and absorb shock up to 50% during peak pressure measurement.

Ideal for Every Application

Sedelogic hunter/jumper saddle pads offer exceptional shock absorption that is ideal for wear during show jumping. The lightweight shock absorbing layers offer total breathability that helps horses’ backs stay dry and which effortlessly distributes impact.

Sedelogic also offers a range of half pads.

The breathable English half pad provides your horse with orthopedic benefits, as well as weight distribution and shock absorption. This is a great addition on cross-country rides for horses with kissing spines or sensitive backs. A 2-ply all-purpose model is available for those wishing to provide additional padding during endurance and dressage.

The S-Curve half pad is the perfect choice for correction of asymmetry, sensitive backs, or uneven shoulders, and it also offers custom fitting with thermoplastic rear panels.

The therapeutic horse lunging pad is also lightweight, providing all-important shock absorption and protection from impact injury, as it ensures a dry back. No matter the reason you choose them, these innovative products mean total comfort for your horse.

Western pads by Sedelogic are available in a 3-ply version for effective pressure relief and shock absorption. The breathable material allows heat and moisture to dissipate.

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Custom Fit Sedelogic Saddle Pads

Due to the stiffened thermoplastic middle layer, weight can be more evenly distributed over a larger area, lessening the possibility of pressure points. During the forming phase, you can ensure that the withers area remains totally free, preventing the pulling force often seen with other saddle pads, which also leads to restriction in the freedom of movement. This re-forming process can be repeated as often as necessary to ensure a continual perfect custom fit and prevention of injury and pain for your horse.

Custom Fit Sedelogic Tendon Boots

Sedelogic Tendon Protectors employ the same  thermoplastic technology to provide your horse with a custom fit. This layer can be molded to the shape of your horse’s legs by using a heat source such as a hairdryer.

Once soft, you should put the fetlock boot on, secure with a wrap, and allow 10-20 minutes for the outer shell to harden. The result is a custom fit horse boot with the combination of shock-absorbing softer layers and the stiffened thermoplastic layer, which provides maximum protection without increasing the temperature of the horse’s leg when ridden.

The Thermoplastic material contained in Sedelogic saddle pads provides superior saddle fit that relieves shoulder pressure, prevents lower back issues, and ensures a dry back. To boost product performance even further, they distribute impact and provide a custom fit for every horse. Sedelogic’s revolutionary saddle pads, chin protectors, and tendon boots are used regularly by many of today’s leading International equestrians.

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