Sedelogic Testimonials

competitive horseback rider robert mendoza jumping over fence

“I have been using the Sedelogic pads for a number of years and am incredibly happy with them. From day one they have held their shape and are as good today as they were the first day I used them. They are thin enough to not affect the fit of my saddles, but have enough cushion to keep my horses backs happy.”

Robert Mendoza

Grand Prix Show Jumper

Skylynn Floyd

“The Sedelogic half pad has been a STAPLE in the barn ever since the first week I rode in it with my 15yo gelding. He used to get really tight in his lower back after he was ridden, after I rode him in the Sedelogic half pad for the first few times, he had a bodywork/massage session. Our bodyworker was AMAZED at how much softer his back was! It has also made a huge difference with the other horses too! It’s safe to say I will never ride without it!”

Skylynn Floyd
ashley moore standing next to a black horse

“Happy horses mean happy riders. That is why I trust my Sedelogic Half Pad to ensure the comfort and protection of all my horses. Sedelogic pads are the most rigorously tested and meticulously crafted shock absorbing pads on the market, and are scientifically tested to do exactly as they claim. These pads not only offer shock absorption for the horses, they also provide shock absorption I can feel in my own back, especially when riding the bigger moving horses. Ever since I began using this pad I have noticed that the horses’ backs warm up much faster. The size and shape of Sedelogic pads are also designed to not interfere with the fit of the saddle. Only the best for these high performance athletes!”

Ashley Moore

Dressage Trainer, FEI Grand Prix Rider & USDF Gold Medallist


“My clients and I love these pads and boots! I have a horse who always gets heat bumps under his saddle during the summer, but not on the days I use the Sedelogic pad. One thing I love about these pads is they don’t change the fit of a saddle that is custom fitted to the horse like other pads such as sheepskins often do. I have also found that if a saddle is slightly off, it’ll make a horse more comfortable until our saddle maker can come out. It fills in the problem spots without adjusting other areas, such as making the shoulders tighter while trying to balance out the back part.

My clients and I have noticed a higher level of comfort and forgiveness from their horses. Sometimes when working on a new move or even basic work like transitions, the rider may have a step of imbalance in their seat. Before, the horse would immediately notify the rider of their displeasure. Now the horse will give the rider at least a few steps to rebalance themselves before bracing in the back. Also, one of my clients’ favorite things about these pads is the ease of washing, which also makes them way more economical. We’ve also noticed a big difference in heat when using the boots. At the end of the ride the legs that have sheepskin lined boots are much hotter than the legs with Sedelogic boots.”


Katie Hoefs-Martin

USDF Gold Medallist
Grand Prix Trainer

Jason Canton using a Sedelogic Saddle Pad on his horse

“I have been using the Sedelogic Saddle Pads now for over a year, and have found many benefits with this product. The horses warm up easier and are happier and more relaxed over their backs making it easier for them to engage from back to front. Riders feel more hip and back relief, and it helps amateurs to sit the gaits more easily. It gives more protection than sheepskin, as well as being much cooler and fast drying. It is very durable, easy to clean and does not break down or lose its’ protective properties or shape. I would recommend these pads for any type of horse or rider!”

Jason Canton

USDF Gold Medallist
Grand Prix Dressage Trainer

Horse training with Orthopad Sedelogic Saddlepad

We always train all our horses with the innovative Sedelogic saddlepads. Every horse is different, so every horse has his own pad for the best performances. That’s only possible with Sedelogic. I train Wotan for example with the Orthopad so the saddle gets slightly lifted in the back. For him, it’s the perfect solution to give his best in every competition.”

Remco Bouwens

The Netherlands

Sedelogic review photo

“I can’t say enough about how incredible these products are. It’s great to have a boot or pad that can become instantly customized for any of my horses to support them with their individual needs and body type. The boots fit like a glove. It makes it very convenient to work numerous horses throughout the day and I love the support it gives my mares.

The Sedelogic Pad is truly AMAZING! I feel very close to my horses yet they have ultimate protection on their back. The pad seems to distribute pressure in two opposite directions to absorb the shock in a way that helps my horses to move more freely and comfortably. These are very well thought out products that I am proud to have on my Grand Prix mares. Will be exciting to see where this goes in the future- I highly recommend Sedelogic to all my fellow riders as a superior pad and boot!”

Dustin Durhan

2011 Grand Prix Winner
Professional Trainer

The Sedelogic pad is our favorite pad on the market. First of all it comes in different models so it can adjust to make the horse and rider more comfortable. It’s ability to make the saddle not move on some horses that are difficult to fit make it invaluable to us as trainers and riders. We would highly recommend the Sedelogic pads to anyone for every horse.”

Marie Meyers and Marisa Festerling

“I absolutely love the Sedelogic Pad!! I have never had a product make such a positive difference in my personal horse, my client’s horses & my clients themselves. We all felt it immediately!! Both riders & horses backs are soft & supple.”

Laurie Falvo

GP dressage trainer
USDF Gold Medallist

“From my 20 year experience from veterinary guidance of Dutch teams in various disciplines of equestrian sports, I have not come across an innovative product with so much value. Because of this proven pressure distributing and shock absorbing technology, many back problems can be prevented and treated.”

Drs. B. Th. Horsmans

Equine Veterinarian

Jonty Evans using the Sedelogic pad with his horses

I’ve been riding dressage and XC schooling in the Sedelogic Pad with my horses. My feelings are that they are very light, easily worn, an exceptional fit, and as far as I can tell very effective!

I’m lucky because my saddles all fit very well. The pad does not interfere with saddle fit and I think very probably that the Sedelogic pad adds to their effectiveness, especially competing in a sport where being perfect all the time is probably not possible. These pads are going to add to those tools that will make yours and your horses life easier and better”.

Jonty Evans

International and Olympic Eventing competitor.

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