Equine Exercise Equipment

Horse Exercisers

A horse exerciser can contribute to improved equine health whether for training or to aid recovery and avoid re-injury. It can also prevent hoof deformities related to a lack of exercise. Vitafloor offers several different horse hot walker models, including the Type LBE step-in hot walker that accommodates three to six horses and the Type HE professional automatic horse walker that fits up to eight horses. These systems feature adjustable speed control, an emergency stop feature, and automatic direction change.

Our ceiling-mounted horse walker integrates with the building structure and allows for indoor exercise. It has a silent AC gear/motor with direct drive and, like our other models, this equine exerciser includes a walk/trot control box. From our inventory, you can find the right Q-line horse exerciser for sale to improve equine fitness and safety.

In addition, our oval horse exerciser (“Flexerciser”) is unique in the sense that it is the most flexible horse training system in the world, with no limit in size and number of horses.