Equine Exercise Equipment

Horse Treadmills

A horse treadmill can significantly boost equine endurance. Exercising your horse is extremely important to their well-being; having the proper equipment can give your horse a workout without the risk of rider error, inconsistent pacing, or inclement weather. Aside from being a highly effective training tool, an equine treadmill can be adjusted to aid recovery and operates much like a human treadmill, but on a larger scale. Of all horse exercise equipment, a treadmill is one of the best ways to increase flexibility, strength, and stamina.

Even on bad weather days, horses can get the workout they need in a safe, well-contained area. Our equine treadmill for sale is as ergonomic as it is functional. The belt has rollers underneath it reducing strain on sensitive horse legs and providing an extra massage effect and enhanced blood flow to the hooves. Training a horse to use the machine is relatively easy. Continue reading to learn more about Vitafloor’s advanced horse treadmill for sale.